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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette - Product Review with Shade By Shade Run Through

Hey Whisperers,

After trying out  and loving the I Heart Makeup Highlighter last week, I thought that I would try out some more I Heart Makeup products and so today I thought I would review the Naked Chocolate palette. 

The I Heart Makeup chocolate palettes are quite popular as they have been deemed the closest dupe to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. The most popular of the palettes is the original I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette however after looking at all the palettes in the collection (there are five in total) I liked the look of the Naked Chocolate Palette more. However if you would like me to test out and review the other three palettes let me know below! 

The Packaging

Now can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this product. I absolutely love the 'melted' chocolate bar look, i think it looks adorable. Feel wise the packaging is just your standard plastic packaging. It isn't too bulky and heavy but it still has enough weight to it that it is still sturdy. With most drugstore palettes i feel like if you dropped them they would be ruined however with this one I have dropped it my fair share of times already and it is still perfect.

The Quality 

The pigmentation and quality of these shadows is something i was not expecting. Each shade is amazingly pigmented and even though they are very pigmented they are still so easy to blend. In the palette you get 16 shades which for £7.99 is insane. The shadows do, alike the two faced palettes, have a slight chocolate smell. The smell is obviously not as strong as the two faced alternatives but it is still there. I love the fact that the two lightest shades are the largest in this palette as they are the two shades I always run out of first. Overall the quality of this palette is insane for the price.

Shade By Shade


Smoothly is the first of the two larger shades in the palette. This shade is a light matte nude shade, which i think is perfect for setting my base or for matte highlight. I love how large the pan of this shade is because it is one of my most used shades.


Divine is the first of the 10 shimmer shades in this palette. It is a dark rose gold/peach colour and it is absolutely beautiful. The pigmentation of these shimmer shades is insane compared to other drugstore palettes.  This shade, when swatched feels quite creamy too which i wasn't really expecting. For me I would probably use this shade when I do a more 'autumn' makeup look. 

Mocha Lover-

Mocha Lover is another shimmer shade however it is more of a burnt orange/copper shade and i am completely in love with it. Like Divine this shade is also very creamy and it blends out amazingly. 


Dipped is a light brown/gold shimmer which i think is beautiful for any kind of makeup look. It is shimmery enough to be seen but it isn't the 'chunky' glitter shimmer that makes your eyes look like disco balls glowing in the sun (come on you know what i mean).


Choc fest is by far my favourite matte shade in this palette. It is a burgundy brown shade and it is absolutely beautiful on the eye. This shade is also the darkest shade in the palette which I kind of love compared to my other palettes that tend to just have black as the darkest shade. I have pretty much been using this palette for the past week and it is definitely one of my most used shades. The pigmentation of this shade is also amazing for such a dark colour. 


Adorable is another shimmer shade, this is the second lightest shimmer shade and it is absolutely gorgeous. This colour is a beautiful champagne colour which looks amazing on the lid. When i saw this in the palette i was expecting it to be a creamy coloured highlight however when swatched it is a lot lighter than it looks in the pan.


Buttons is literally a shimmery chocolate button shade (hence the name). When swatched it kind of has a golden look to it which i wasn't really expecting. It is not the darkest shimmer in the palette but it is definitely on the darker side which for me makes it kind of a harder shade to use unless I'm going for a dark look.

Frosted Choc-

Frosted Choc is a beautiful golden brown shimmer. When I first swatched this shade i thought it was a very close match for divine. but when i swatched them side by side i saw that frosted choc is just a shade or two darker which i think is great if you wanted to create a gradient look. Frosted choc is definitely more of a orangey shade which i love however it is still dark enough to add a bit of depth to any eye look.


Delight is another dark shimmer shade however it definitely stands out amongst the rest of the shades in the palette. Most of the other shades in the palette have brown undertones however this is a lot more grey. For me this is one of my favourite shades because it is so different, i also think that you could incorporate it into a lot of different looks.

Sweet Shop-

Sweet shop is the second matte shade in the palette. It is pretty much your standard orangey brown shade. One thing i noticed about pretty much all these shades is that once they are applied they seem to set, which i thought was strange, however it does mean that they won't budge throughout the day.


Sugar is probably what i would consider the darkest shimmer shade. It is pretty much the shimmer version of choc-fest which i love. I think this shade would be perfect for a more shimmery grunge look which i love doing during the autumn winter time.

Double Dip-

Double dip is a beautiful shimmery gold shade. I absolutely love this shade, it is perfect inner lid shade and it has the perfect amount of shimmer.


Tob-le-rone is probably one of my most used shades in this palette. It is almost like a pastel grey tones brown and it is perfect for the crease. I have pretty much been using this shade everyday and i love it.


When i saw the name of this shade i couldn't help but laugh. This shade is a matte brown shade and is pretty much your everyday dark brown shade. 


Milky is pretty much a pink version of tob-le-rone. It is such a beautiful pink shade and it is perfect if you are going for a more natural look but still want a little bit of something in your crease. It is pretty light but it is still amazingly pigmented.


The last, and definitely my most favourite shimmer shade in this palette is way. When looking at this shade i pretty much expected it to be a shimmery cream shade however when I swatched it I was completely shocked. Way is  the most beautiful cream coloured highlight with gold shimmer. In last weeks blog post i reviewed the I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love highlighter (read that post here) and this shade is pretty much the same shade. My only problem with this shade is that it is a lot more powdery than the other shades however once applied to the eye it is the most beautiful colour that I can't help loving it. It is also the second large panned product which i love. 

My Top 3 Shades- 



Overall i think this palette is amazing. I love the quality of the shadows, the colour variety, the packaging i pretty much love everything about it. Although most of the palette is shimmer I think there are still enough matte shades that you can make a variety of makeup looks. The price of the palette is insane and i will definetley be buying some of the other palettes from this collection.

I hope you enjoyed this review! 

Thanks For Reading,
Soph xoxo

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