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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Christmas Advent Calendars 2016

Hey Whisperers,

Now as most of you know beauty advent calendars are becoming more and more popular as the years go by and so today I thought I would talk about a few advent calendars I've seen floating around the Internet recently. Now i know what you're thinking, it's only October Soph, chill out a little and believe me i get it but these advent calendars sell out so fast that you have to get in there early or you have no chance of getting one. Because let's be honest when you can get an advent calendar full of makeup, who wants a chocolate one?

2016 Beauty Advent Calendars 

Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar -£30

When i first saw this advent calendar i pretty much fell in love, as most of you know Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands, so this was pretty much a perfect advent calendar for me. For £30 you get a 25 day calendar with (as far as i can tell) all full sized products ranging from lipsticks to highlighters and even a full sized eyeshadow palette. You can get this advent calendar from Superdrug here where it is currently £30 reduced from £40. 

NYX Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar - £60

Since NYX came to the UK a few months ago i haven't been able to top myself from popping in and buying new products every time i go past a boots, so this calendar is perfect for me. Now i can't find too much information anywhere online about this calendar apart from the price and the fact it's going to be released on the 21st October at Boots. I've heard that it is all going to be full size and i have also heard that its going to be 12 mini soft matte lip cremes and 12 eye shadows however i don't 100% know what is going to be in it (which i guess isn't too bad as advent calendars are supposed to be a surprise right?)

The Magic of Beauty Feel Unique Calendar- £30

This calendar looks amazing, with a range of products from lipsticks to highlighters and then moisturisers the Feel Unique advent calendar pretty much has it all. What i love about this calendar is that it has a range of both makeup and skincare instead of all makeup. Alongside that the majority of the makeup looks to be quite simple so it will be good for anyone to use no matter what skin tone they are which is great. This calendar is not out yet but i will let you guys know on twitter when it's released so make sure to follow me!

Lush 12 Days of Christmas - £52.95

Lush, Lush, Lush. I do love you. The Lush 12 Days of Christmas calendar comes with 5 bath bombs, 2 bubble bars, 2 soaps, one shower gel and one body lotion all from the Christmas collection, which is great. But it does have quite a hefty price tag of £52.95 which is quite a lot for what you get. Alongside this when i looked online you can actually buy everything in the box for £48.65 which really is a lot better plus you can substitute and add different bath bombs if you don't like certain ones. The Lush 12 Days of Christmas box is available now on the website. 

Bare Minerals Countdown to Gorgeous Calendar- £70

Just look at that picture, seriously just look at it. It looks amazing. Now this calendar is £70 so it does have a large price tag but when you look at the amount of products you get you can kind of tell why. The thing i love about this calendar is the variety of shades and products you get. You get lipsticks, blushes, mascaras, eye shadows. Pretty much everything you would need to complete a makeup look which for £70 is incredible! This calendar like the Feel Unique one is also not available yet so i will update you on when it goes live!

Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas Calendar - £15

Can we all please just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this advent calendar is?! From the pastel blue walls to the mini Martha silhouette this calendar is all things cute. This calendar contains some amazing products from nail polish to lip glosses and even some eyeliners it has some pretty amazing products.Tanya's calendar is currently avaliable on Superdrug for £15 reduced from £25 so go get you some while they still have some left!

I know it was a bit early to start talking about Christmas but i couldn't not tell you about these amazing calendars! If you're thinking about, or already have your advent calendar let me know below! 

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