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Monday, 24 October 2016

My Favourite Places To Shop This Halloween

Hey Whisperers,

So as most of you know Halloween isn't as big over here as it is in America (I wish it was but i'm not that lucky). Now don't get me wrong the UK has it's fair share of halloween events but none of them compare to America. This also shows in stores. Watching vlogs the amount of anticipation in America for Halloween can be seen in every store, in the UK this isn't always the case. So today i thought i would talk to you about a few of my favourite places to shop for Halloween here in the UK.

Ghost Cake Pan £19.99
12 Person Party Box £9.99
Skull £9.99


Now i am pretty sure TKMaxx is an American company so the Halloween range they keep is never a surprise to me. One thing i love most about the Halloween range at TKMaxx is that although it is pretty cheap it isn't low quality. They have some amazing things in store and online, from monster cupcake kits to pumpkin ornaments and sequined skulls. Everything is always amazing quality and some pieces can even be carried through to christmas time which is just an added bonus.

All £1


So many people look at Poundland and think cheap and crappy and most of the time you are right. However when it comes to halloween they do step up their game abit. Now i'm not saying they have the most amazing decorations and accessories, but for a cheap few bits that will keep the kids happy it's great. One thing i love about Poundland when it comes to Halloween is the amount of variety they have. They stock everything from Decorations to Halloween films which for £1 is great. 

Baby Darth Vader £7
Happy Halloween Shirt £8
Traditional Witch Costume £16.00


Now ASDA like TKMaxx is another American company (known as WalMart in America) meaning the halloween range is always huge. One thing i love the most about ASDA during the Halloween season is the costumes they have such an amazing range online and in stores that range from baby grows all the way through to adult fancy dress and it is always fun to look through them all. Most of the halloween stuff is also quite cheap which is always a positive. 

Glass Pumpkin Drinks Despenser £15
Cookie Cutters £1
Cupcake Kit £2


Wilko is pretty much just like Poundland when it comes to Halloween. It has a great range of decorations and costumes for amazing prices. Now i would say that Wilko has better quality decorations so if you want to spend a little more without having to commit to the higher prices Wilko is a great option. 

And so that was a run down of my favourite places to shop during the halloween season. I hope this post has given you a few ideas for where to shop for your halloween celebrations! Let me know what you've got planned for halloween down below!!

Thanks for Reading,

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