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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Song of The Week #16

Hey Whisperers,

This weeks song of the week is from a band I've spoken about a few times on this blog now. I absolutely love listening to their covers of popular songs but this week I'm going to be talking about their original songs.

This Weeks Song Album of The Week is Up At Night by Cimorelli 

Now i know that i usually do songs each week but this week i really couldn't pick a song so i went with the whole album instead. Up At Night is the debut album from Cimorelli and i am in love with it. I have been following Cimorelli for around 4 years now and every time they release a song i fall in love with it but this album is so much more. If you haven't heard of Cimorelli before they are a girl band consigning of 6 sisters who do covers on YouTube and who also write and perform their own music. They currently have 3.7 Million subscribers and they have 932,434,178 views on their main channel and  62,076,806 views on their Vevo channel.

The thing i love the most about this album is that it has such a wide variety of songs that it pretty much has a song for every mood. I brought this album on Pledge.Com when it was announced and I anxiously waited for it to be released and then I've pretty much listened to it daily since. I love how every single sister has their own part in each song which i think makes it so much more personal. 

Of course i can't sit here and go through every single song because then this post would become so long you'd just x out so instead I'll just say my top 3 songs.

1- Acid Rain

Acid Rain is such an emotional and raw song that i instantly fell in love with it. To sum the song up it is pretty much a song about wanting someone so bad that even though you know they're no good for you you can't help wanting to be with them. It is such a relatable song that i think will speak to anyone who listens to it. It is so beautiful and it shows how vulnerable you are when you love some one, how no matter how wrong you know they are for you you can't help but fall deeper. 

Favourite lyrics- 

"You're addicted to the chase, think I'm addicted to the pain"
"Cause don't have a piece of me you have all of me"

2- Headlights

Headlights for me is such a meaningful song. It is a song about being lost, not knowing what direction you're going in and just wanting to go back to how things used to be. Over the past year I've felt that way quite a lot while I've adjusted to changes and i think this song pretty much sums up change. 

Favourite Lyrics-

"Maybe I can find my way back to where I belong"
"I was fearless till i got let down"
" Maybe I'll be alright maybe I don't have to know "

3- Worth The Fight

This song is probably one of the most powerful songs on this album. This song is a life anthem, a song to listen too when you don't think there's any point anymore when you feel like giving up. It is such a strong song with such a strong message that i can't help but love what it stands for. It is such a universally relatable song that to be honest i think everyone should hear. 

Favourite Lyrics-

"It's never too late to restart"

"You see the night's I've lived through, the scars the screams the fights i let myself loose i am imperfect i am a human i loose direction"

"It's only gonna make me better in the end"

"I choose to believe it's worth the fight, I'm worth the fight"

" i can make it through tonight even when its killing me just to breath"

"I'll be okay"

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Album of The Week! I love this album so much and i hope you do too!!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Other songs by this artist-

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