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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Song of The Week #16

Hey Whisperers,

First of all, how have I been doing these Song of The Week posts for 4 months.... how. I've absolutely loved each one and i can't wait to continue, i love sharing my love for music with you guys. I know they aren't my most popular posts and that's fine but i do love them so they're still going to be a weekly thing.

This weeks song is pretty much everywhere at the moment and although it has been out for a little while now i still find myself obsessed with it so i couldn't help putting it in this weeks SOTW.

THIS WEEKS SONG OF THE WEEK IS Starving BY Hailee Steinfeld, Grey Ft Zedd

 Between Hailee's incredible voice and the catchy lyrics this song is pretty hard not to like. Something i love about this song is how it develops, it goes from such a calm song to upbeat and catchy so fast and then straight back to calm. I know the lyrics to the song are more on the risque side, but it is a great song and even though it's risque i don't think it's over the top or inappropriate.

Honestly, I didn't really know Hailee Steinfeld too much before Pitch Perfect, obviously i saw her in the Taylor Swift Bad Blood video but i never really knew much about her apart from the fact that she was part of 'The Squad' ,but after Pitch Perfect i loved her in interviews and her care free personality. Watching videos and interviews she does seem to be a very funny girl which is always fun to see in a celebrity instead of the normal cookie cutter, girl. 

I have become a huge fan of pretty much, all of Hailee's songs with them quickly becoming my most played songs on spotify. All of her music is catchy, quirky and is pretty much just the fun type of music you can have a sing and dance with when you want to. 

Right now i can't stop playing this song and i hope you like it too! 

Thanks for Reading,

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  1. I am so obsessed with this song too! X

  2. You know, I'm not a massive fan of this song, though I like both Hailee and Zedd. I absolutely love Love Myself though! It's such a feel good song.

    Hazel -