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Monday, 5 December 2016

£3 Bath And Body Work Candle Dupes?

Hey Whisperers,

So as most of you know I'm pretty much obsessed with candles. Whether their sweet, musky or unscented i just love how the make a dark room feel so cosy and warm. So the other day I saw that you could get Bath And Body Works Candle Dupes in the UK and i pretty much freaked out. Being in the UK means that getting your hands on Bath and Body Works products is not only difficult but also very expensive so when i saw this dupe i was so excited. So of course i thought i would share it with you guys, so lets get into the post!

Where Can You Get Them?

These candles are available in B&M a discount store in the UK. The essence brand is B&M's own brand and they have a huge collection. Now, i started looking for these candles three weeks ago and have only just got my hands on them, they're so hard to find. Each candle costs £2.99 which amazing and they can usually be found alongside the candle gift sets and larger candles. I finally found these at a B&M a few miles away where they had loads, I do think more of these candles are being shipped out to stores as they also had a large Christmas selection of them too. 

What I Got?

The first candle i got was Lakeside. As soon as i smelt this candle i was in love, which if I'm honest was a shock to me. After sorting through the scents on the shelves there were quite a few misses, which when it comes to a bargain, is a given. Not every scent is going to be for everyone. Now lakeside has such a calming and clean smell. The candle is a beautiful blue colour and it just makes the room feel very cosy and clean. 

The second candle i got was Marshmallow Fireside, this candle is smells incredible. It isn't so much of a sweet scent but instead more of a woodsy, burnt fire scent. It has an amazing smoky scent which i love and it just makes the whole room smell like a campfire which i love. It isn't too overbearing that you can't handle the scent it's just enough to make you feel super cosy.


Now I'm pretty sure if you've looked at a Bath and Body Works candle you know all about the packaging. From the bright candles to the picture labels and leave embossed lid they're not only amazingly scented candles but they're great decor too. These B&M dupes are pretty much exactly the same. Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that it says Essence on the label these candles could 100% pass as Bath and Body Works candles. 

Alongside this when i went online when i came home from buying these candles i also found that the names of these candles are the same. Obviously i can't say if they also smell the same but the fact that they have the same names too does make them even more of a dupe. The only difference i have found between the who is the colours and the fact that the B&M dupes only have 2 wicks whereas the Bath and Body Works candles have 3. But for the amount of money you save i don't really think this is an issue.

Overall Thoughts

Overall i think these candles are an amazing dupes, the scents are amazing and they're incredibly cheap. I do wish that they were more available with a wider range of scents but for £2.99 i can't really complain. They're amazing quality and the scents are very strong. I will definitely be buying more of these candles for myself and a few others for Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know if you've tried these candles and/if you want to!!

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Merry Christmas,


  1. These look amazing, I deffo need to get some as I totally agree they just make the room look so cosy! Such a detailed post! Xx

    1. They're so good! They seem to be getting them in more now too

      Thanks for Reading,