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Sunday, 11 December 2016

BirchBox Unboxing- December 2016

Hey Whisperers,

Here we are again with our monthly Birchbox post. I wasn't really expecting too much from this months box as although I've loved my past boxes I've pretty much been sent a lot of skincare samples in each one, however this month was an amazing box! I got such a fun arrangement of goodies so lets get into it....

Birchbox Unboxing December 2016

First of all can we just talk about packaging, this months box, instead of being the normal draw, was more of a box. I was expecting the products to just be inside the box but instead they came inside a Burgundy sack (much like the typical Santa sack, i see what you did there Birchbox). I absolutely loved the packaging of this months box i think it's just fun to switch up every now and again, plus it's pretty gorgeous. 

RRP- £15 Full Size

This eyeliner is amazing, the tip is so fine and the product is insanely black. I love how cute the packaging is with the stars and I'm also so happy it's full size. I got my money back for this box in just this one product which is amazing, I'm always wearing a cat eye so this was the perfect product for me to get.

RRP- £18

I tend to get a hair product each month in this box, every time i try them out until the sample finishes and i never think of them again but this one made my hair feel so soft (which is a hard task seeing as it's so dead). This balm kind of like baby wipes, which although i don't mind some people might. It's quite a generous sample considering you only need a tiny bit which is great too.

RRP £5.95

If you've been here a while you'll know I'm in love with exfoliating face washes, there's just something about exfoliating your face that feels so good. I'm pretty sure it's how soft my skin feels afterwards. This exfoliating face wash kind of smells like a Yankee Candle, which i don't mind at all, and it has rice granules in it and it makes my skin feel baby soft, I'm kinda in love. 

RRP £21.50

I was so excited when i saw this product in my box, I've tried out the POREfessional primer but I've never tried the matte rescue balm. I haven't yet had a chance to try this out on my face but i have swatched it on my arm and it feels incredible, it doesn't make your skin feel baby smooth like the primer does it dis sink in straight away and my skin did look matte. The RRP of this product is £21.50 however if you want to try out a smaller version you can get the mini here for £9.25 from Boots. 

RRP £22

Oh my god, when i saw this in my box i was so excited. I've never tried anything from Laura Mercier before, but I've seen it all over YouTube and Instagram and i was way too excited. This eyeshadow stick is absolutely gorgeous, i wore it the day i got it and it was incredible, it blends out so well. The colour is a mid toned brown with shimmer and it is probably the most gorgeous eyeshadow i own. I'm obsessed.

I've been getting Birchbox for 4 months now and each month i fall more and more in love with it, it's so fun to try out new products and this box is so worth the money.

If you want to try out Birchbox click here to get £5 of your first box

I hope you enjoyed today's post, did you get something different in your box? or have you tried out any of these products? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. this box is a great value ! i used to get it before but too bad that they stopped shipping to Canada :(

    1. It's such a good subscription. It sucks that it doesn't ship to Canada anymore :(

      Thanks for Reading,