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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Tag 2016

PS: My dad's photography was on point so... i stole it to use for my header aha

Hey Whisperers,
I can't believe blogmas is going by so fast! Over the past few weeks i've seen this tag circulating in the blogging world and once i was tagged i knew i had to do it! If you like the sound of this tag feel free to do it, let me know on twitter if you do because i'd love to read it!
The Christmas Tag
1. What is Your Favourite Christmas Movie(s)?
Elf. I'm pretty sure everyone says this is their favourite Christmas film but i  mean come on it's amazing.

2. What Tops Your Tree?

An angel, I'm not too sure why because I'm not at all religious I've just always had and angel on the top of my tree

3. Have You Ever Had a White Christmas?

Unfortunately no, it's a dream of mine though. Living in the middle of the UK we don't tend to get much snow which sucks, maybe one year it will happen.

4. Favourite Christmas Song(s)?

Santa Baby by Ariana Grande. I don't know why i chose this song but it was the first song to pop into my head, it's so fun and catchy. 

5. Is Your Tree Real or Fake?

Fake. I've always wanted a real tree but I'm yet to have had one.

6. Favourite Christmas Sweet/Chocolate?

Candy canes for sure, there's just something about the peppermint taste at this time of year that makes me feel so warm and cosy. Of course hot chocolates have to be mentioned here to, i mean who doesn't love hot chocolate at this time of year.

7. Do You Enjoy Wrapping Presents?

I love it, i love adding all the little bows and ribbon it's just so cute and fun. As you can see i also kinda have a wrapping paper obsession i love all the cute patterns i just can't help buying more even though i know i don't need it.

8. White Tree Lights or Coloured Tree Lights?

I have Coloured but i love the look of white lights i think they just look more cosy and calming.

9. Favourite Christmas Scent(s)?

I'm a huge sucker for any Vanilla/cookie scent. Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle is incredible and by far one of my faves. 

10. Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions? If So, Do You Stick To Them?

I always make them, but i rarely stick to them. I just get so busy and i end up forgetting them.

Thank you so much for reading, i know that this was more of a simple post but i thought it would be a fun post for you guys to get to know me more!

If you do this tag don't forget to tag me on twitter so i can give it a read and comment.

Thanks for Reading,
Merry Christmas,


  1. Haha your Dad's photo is great! I love love love all the Yankee Candle scents <3

    1. I can never manage to get good pictures of the snow! I love the wax melts from Yankee Candle most they're so strong

      Thanks for Reading,

  2. I love tags like this! And Elf is so so good! xx

    1. Same they're so fun to write.

      Thanks for Reading,