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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit & Announcement

Hey Whisperers,

I know what you're thinking. It's the first of December and you're already talking about Christmas? Yes I am. Now lets think about it logically, we pay so much for all of our christmas decorations and that dress you have in the closet waiting to be worn. So why not start celebrating from day 1? I mean it's only 25 days right and then it's all over! So let's get into the christmas spirit!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Tunes

First things first put those Christmas tunes on. One playlist i love listening too is Zoe's Christmas Playlist on spotify! It has the most christmassy christmas songs on it and it is absolutley perfect. Now if you don't have spotify don't worry i'm going to be putting a post up soon about my christmas playlist which i'm going to do on both YouTube and Spotify (don't worry guys i've got you covered!)

Picture from last years Primark Range

Christmas Bedding

Now i don't know if it is just me, but i love decorating my room to fit the season and one of my favourite things to do is change my bedding. Last year I had a bed set from primark with skiing polar bears (pretty cool i know) and this year i have deers. There's nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh clean sheets and when they're christmas themed it's just that little bit better. I love buying mine from primark because not only are they mega cheap but they feel so amazing and warm! 

Picture from Pintrest (here)

Hot Chocolate and Chill!

Last but not least, get yourself some hot chocolate (or any other warm drink you like) and get cozy on the sofa or in your new christmas bedding. Nothing is better than getting cozy with a mug of steamy hot chocolate and watching a good christmas film to get you in the christmas mood. There are so many christmas films out there some of my favourites being ELF and Home Alone!


For the past few years i've loved watching people vlog and blog over christmas so this year i thought i would do (blog not vlog obviously). I am going to be posting a blog post everyday up until christmas. I'm going to do some recipe posts, makeup reviews, christmas hauls and so much more! I am so excited to be taking part in Blogmas this year! However, it is obviously going to be a big challenge to write 25 posts so let me know down in the comments some of the posts you want to read, because after all this blog is all for you guys!

Happy Blogmas