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Saturday, 10 December 2016

My Favourite Bloggers 2016

Hey Whisperers,

As well as writing this blog i am such a big fan of so many bloggers that i thought that today for my blogmas post i would let you guys know what blogs i love so that you too can head over to their blogs and give them a little bit of love! There's quite a few so lets get straight into it!

Now you guys know I love Georgia's blog, her blog is focused around Beauty and it's amazing. I met Georgia back in Secondary school and with us both becoming bloggers we've become quite close. It's so good to have someone to talk to who just gets it. Who understands why you're sat on your bathroom floor retaking pictures at 1 am for a post that goes up the next day, who understands why you spend so much time blogging. Not because it's a hobby and you're just anti-social but instead because you love sharing your love for things with the world. Georgia is honestly one of the nicest people i know and shes pretty much the reason I'm writing this post, or any post I've written for the past 3 months because i was so ready to give up but she pushed me and i will forever be grateful for that. 

Leah, Leah, Leah. She is hilarious. Leah runs a mommy, baby blog and it is absolutely adorable. I first spoke to her during a blogger chat on twitter and then one night when neither of us could sleep we just spoke for hours. It's so weird how you can just talk to someone you've never met and yet have it feel so normal. I love seeing Leah's sassy tweets all over my twitter feed and she is honestly just such a beautiful, kind and sassy person. Her daughter, Willow, is absolutely gorgeous she's way too cute to handle.

Becca is probably one of the nicest bloggers I've ever spoken too. She is super sweet and super kind and her blog is incredible. For me her blog is a place i go for comfort, she has so many inspirational and feel good posts that i can't help but love it. Becca was also the founder of #Bloggerspromohour which has helped me find so many incredible and amazing bloggers which in itself has been amazing. Alongside her blog Becca has an amazing YouTube channel where she vlogs, shares hauls etc so don't forget to head over there too (also add her on snapchat - itssbeccajayne -because she's hillarious)

First of all Izzie's blog is literally goals, it so beautiful and she has so many amazing posts i just can't even. I first saw Izzie's blog when i was taking part in bloggers promo hour and I've pretty much been in love with it ever since. Her blog is all about Lifestyle and Beauty, one thing i love about Izzie's blog is her photography it is absolutely beautiful, no matter what post it is the photography is always on point. 

I am obsessed with Robyn's blog. She has so many amazing inspirational posts that i'm in love with but she also has some amazing beauty and lifestyle posts too that are equally as amazing. Something i love about Robyn's blog is that she is just so honest, it's so hard to find honest bloggers and Robyn definitely is one and i love it! Alongside her blog i also LOVE her style, it is so dark yet fun and i'm in love with it!.

Caroline was the first blogger i spoke to online and I'm glad she was, she is probably the kindest person I've ever spoken too and she is honestly just adorable. Her blog has pretty much everything on it from Beauty to Fashion to Lifestyle and Travel it's amazing. I became a huge fan of Caroline's blog during her Halloween week posts where she shared recipes and makeup looks (all of which i loved btw). If you like my blog even a little bit i know you will love hers!


I absolutely love Jemma's blog! She is so creative and fun and every post she writes i fall in love with. Alongside her blog Jemma has an incredible etsy shop full of incredible prints, stickers etc and i pretty much want everything on there. I've spoken to Jemma a few times on Twitter and she is one of the kindest people i have ever spoken to she is just so nice and friendly. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful she is, 100% jelly of her style can i just have that hair please!

 I've found so many amazing blogs over the past few months and listing them all would take forever so I've stuck with my top 7. I have had so much fun talking to the bloggers and reading their blogs over the past 4 months and i can't wait to find more blogs to read in the future!

Don't forget to check out all the blogs in this post and spread a little love this Christmas!

Thanks for Reading,
Merry Christmas,


  1. I love posts like these, it's always great to give a shoutout to the blogs you enjoy- blogging is a lot of work so it's much appreciated when you receive positive feedback! Will have to give these blogs a read sometime!

    Alice | Alice In Wonderlust

    1. I never realised until I became a blogger myself how much work goes into each post. I absolutely love my blog and I love the content I create but I have so much admiration for other bloggers that I can tell put so much work into every post.

      Definitely check them all out they're all amazing, lovely people and their blogs are incredible

      Thanks for Reading