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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

TASH Cosmetics Fiber Fused Mascara Review

Hey Whisperers,

So a few weeks ago i saw a tweet on twitter from a company called TASH Cosmetics asking people to get in touch to try out their mascara, so i did. I didn't really think they would get back to me, being a small blogger you tend to get over looked by companies as they're looking for blogs with a bigger audience but TASH Cosmetics got back to me straight away and said they'd love to send me the mascara to try. Obviously i knew i had to write a blog post on this not only because they sent it me and it would be a total dick move not to, but also because this mascara is incredible. So after that way too long intro, lets get into the post. 

What is TASH Cosmetics

TASH Cosmetics is a cosmetic company that makes hand made to order, paraben free, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, organic and natural makeup and skincare. They are based in California USA and they create a wide variety of both makeup and skincare. They believe in creating makeup and skincare that doesn't clog the pores with damaging chemicals and un-natural ingredients. I have loved working with them to bring you this post, they have the best customer service i have ever used and it has honestly an amazing experience . Now that you know about the company lets move on to what you really came here to read, the review.

Let's Talk Packaging 

The packaging of this mascara is pretty basic but i kind of love it. So many companies make their packaging so bold and out there that it's nice to just have a classic plain design. Something i noticed straight away from this mascara was the weight, strange i know, but it really is quite heavy which i love. Most other mascaras I've tried (I've tried a lot, probably too many) have been so light and the packaging has been flimsy but this one is so heavy and well made. I know that the sound of a heavy mascara is weird but when applying it makes it way easier because the wand doesn't out weigh the handle and it balances so well.

The wand itself is pretty much the standard mascara wand, it holds the perfect amount of product so that your lashes don't become clumpy and spider like. As you can see in the picture the fibers in the mascara cling well to the brush which is great as I've heard of quite a few people getting fiber mascaras in their eyes which is never a good thing.. When applying the mascara it doesn't feel as if it is tugging at my lashes which other fiber mascaras I've tried have done, instead it just combs through the lashes smoothly and applies an even coat of the product. The wand does have smaller bristles in the centre creating a kind of hourglass shape making it so easy to apply to the lashes. 

The Results 

As you can see without mascara my lashes are pretty much none existent and the ones that are there lay completely 'flat' with no curl at all. After applying the mascara however my lashes were separated lengthened and volumised. Because the mascara itself is made up of fibers, it adds a little extra to your lashes without making them look too clumpy which is hard to find in a regular mascara. The mascara is very pigmented and definitely a true black colour which i love as a lot of other black mascara's look quite dull and grey instead of a true black colour. I chose not to apply eyeliner for these pictures just so you could see how bold the lashes are on their own. 

I am honestly in love with this mascara, it gives such a natural look to my lashes and it makes them look so dark and long which is amazing. I want to thank TASH cosmetics for sending me this product and for the great customer service they have provided over the past few weeks.

 To get this product click here, you honestly won't regret it. For $20 the quality of this product is honestly incredible and i highly recommend it, i know a lot of bloggers push things on their readers and lie just to receive free things but i want you guys to know that i would never let you guys know about anything if i didn't love it myself. I have loved working with TASH Cosmetics and it has been nothing but an amazing learning opportunity!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Let me know down below what you think of the results!

Thanks for Reading,
Merry Christmas,

DISCLAIMER- This product was sent to me to review but all opinions and images are my own. I have not been paid to write this post.

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