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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Easy Demaq - Product Review

Hey Whisperers,

So as most of you know i have an obsession with TKMaxx. I love it. So the other week when i was shopping in Dudley i popped in and had a quick look to see what was in there. £21 later i walked out with a bunch of stuff i didn't really need, one thing being the Elite Models Easy Demaq Cloth. The Easy Demaq Cloth, if you haven't heard of it like i hadn't is a makeup remover cloth. I wasn't quite sure what i thought of it when i picked it up, but for £2.99 i thought i would give it a try. The whole idea of this product intrigued me so i thought I'd share my thoughts about it with you guys too, so lets get into the review.

Easy Demaq Review

 Now the feel of this cloth alone made me want to buy it, it is the most soft and velvety cloth i've ever felt, but that isn't the main reason why i brought it. On the packaging this cloth says it can remove even waterproof makeup without any kind of makeup remover..erm..WHAT. When i read this i knew that i had to get it and try it out. If you've seen any of my pictures on twitter *shameless self promo alert *link to my twitter here you probably know that i am a full face of makeup kinda girl so the thought of this cloth was amazing to me. I did get this mask discounted for £2.99 from TKMaxx however it isn't on their online store so i can't link it, if you want to try it out i suggest popping into your local store, or you could also try out the Makeup Revolution alternitive here which is a little more pricey at £10.

Lets Try It Out


The cloth itself is a cute pastel pink colour and like i previously said it's incredibly soft. For me i think it is the perfect size, it covers my entire face and it is super easy to fold so getting under and close to the eyes is easy, however the colour is something that worries me. Since getting this cloth i have looked online and found a few other kinds of these cloths and most of them are a lot darker so i am quite worried that this one will stain and look gross.


As you can see by the colour of the cloth it took off the majority of my makeup. Now recently I've been loving glitter liner and matte liquid lipsticks and if any of you guys have worn them you know how hard they are to get off, this cloth took them off in one wipe. One freaking wipe. All i added to the cloth was warm water and it wiped everything off my face with little to no effort. The makeup on the cloth does look quite dark which did worry me but now I've cleaned it with a little shampoo (like i do with my makeup brushes) it is pretty much back to the original colour apart from a few grey stains. 


Overall opinions

I absolutely love this product, even using a clean makeup wipe after i was left with no makeup on the wipe which is amazing. My skin felt super soft after using it and although i didn't have much confidence in this product i am so glad i picked it up. I will definitely be using this product a lot especially when I'm working later nights, however i don't think that it is something you should use daily just because i do think that using face washes clean deeper than the cloth can. Overall, if you want a cheap, quick and easy way too take off your makeup this cloth is an amazing option

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Have you ever tried a makeup removing cloth? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below 

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