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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Avon Lipsticks - Product Review

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The other day i was watching JustJodes do a Testing Avon Makeup video (watch that video here) and i realised that i have quite a few products from Avon myself. I haven't seen many Avon reviews out there so i thought that today i would do a review of some of their lipsticks for you guys. As always, i hope you enjoy this post and don't forget to subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page or on Bloglovin' here.


One thing i love most about the Avon lipsticks is their packaging, it is so sleek and elegant. The six lipsticks I'm talking about today all have square packaging with rounded edges and either a silver or black banner around them with Avon on. I don't know what it is with plain packaging but i just love it. Considering how affordable these lipsticks are the packaging is also quite good, it isn't at all flimsy or cheap feeling which honestly was what i was expecting. The square packaging also makes them so easy to store and they lie flat or stand easily.


So for this post i thought that i would choose 3 nude shades and 3 more deep shades just so i could show you guys a variety. I also chose both matte, shimmer and glossy. I did try to find links to all of these on the Avon website but i unfortunately could only find a link to one as i think some of the other shades may have been discontinued, they do however have a huge range of shades so I'm sure that you will be able to find a shade you like on the website, check out their lipstick range here.

The shades i have are:

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Latte 
Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Naturally Nude 
Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Sparkling Nude 
Avon Ultra Colour Perfectly Matte in  Matte Grape 
Avon Ultra Colour Perfectly Matte Matte Mauve 
Avon Ultra  Colour Perfectly Matte Superb Wine 

Swatches and Review

Living Bold
Top to Bottom:
Superb Wine
Matte Mauve
Matte Grape
As all of these shades are matte i was expecting these to be more dry however they aren't dry at all. They go onto the lips smoothly and they're super moisturising, the only one that i would say is 'dry' is Matte Grape and even that one becomes very easy and smooth to use after it warms up a little. When ordering these a few months ago i know that they said that these lipsticks are more matte than the Mac matte lipsticks and as an owner of both i do have to agree, they're amazing. All of these shades are super pigmented too, they're all opaque and look amazing. I do recommend using a lip liner with these though as they do bleed into the skin. These also aren't transfer proof so you do have to reapply them.

The Nudes
Top to Bottom: 
Naturally Nude
Sparkling Nude
 Over the past few months I've been loving my nude shades a lot more however these definitely aren't my favourites.Now i am a pale girl, like hella pale, but even on my lips Naturally Nude and Sparkling nude just end up looking like i have taken my beauty blender and just blended my foundation straight over my lips, which sucks. However, Latte is a few shades darker and in turn is the perfect nude shade. All of these lipsticks have a good amount of pigment and they're all super creamy and comfortable to wear. I will probably just be keeping the first two for SFX looks though because they definitely aren't a day to day colour, not for me at least. 

Overall Thoughts

Overall i think that the Avon lipsticks are a great choice. I'm not in love with their regular glossy and sparkling shades but their matte shades are amazing and i definitely recommend trying them out. I own a matte lipstick from Mac and it is so dry and hard to apply but these lipsticks are incredible and the pigmentation is amazing! To try out the matte lipsticks click here where they're currently on offer for just £5.50 each!.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! 
Have you tried any Avon makeup? Did you like it? 
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