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Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Makeup Collection - Concealers

Hey Whispers,

It's that time of week again where i go through another section of my makeup collection. This weeks section is concealers. I haven't tried out too man different concealers but i do have a few in my collection that i absolutely love. I hope you enjoy the post and if you do don't forget to follow the blog  at the bottom of the page or here on Bloglovin'.

My Makeup Collection - Concealers

First up is the only concealer palette that i have in my collection, this is the MUA Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit. I pretty much got this concealer for the first and middle shades to cover up my blemishes, it isn't the best of concealers but it does the job and for £4 it's not too bad. They no longer sell this palette so i have linked you to the newer version of it instead.

Up next is the L'Oreal True Match Concealer Crayon  i purchased this crayon as part of a 3 for 2 deal and i had really high hopes for it but i was kind of disappointed. Although the formula is super creamy and pigmented it just looks kind of cakey, it is an amazing concealer to cover blemishes though i just personally wouldn't repurchase or recommend it.

First of all the packaging of Avon Luxe Illuminating Concealer is absolutely gorgeous. The product for me however, was anything but gorgeous. This concealer is super orange despite it being the lightest shade and its also super sheer. If you aren't a pale ass ghost like me you might be able to make it work but for me it's a no go.

I'm pretty sure that every makeup lover and their mom has heard about this concealer and it 100% lives up to the hype. The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is my favourite concealer of all time. It isn't too thick, it's super pigmented and the shade is perfect for my skin. It's also super affordable as it only costs £4.19. 

Last up is this YCIO Luster Natural Bright highlighter. Now i know this is technically a highlighter but the shimmer in this liquid is non existent. I brought this of for £1 and i love putting it on top of my concealer to add more brightness to my under eyes. It's super sheer so it doesn't cake up and i pretty much love it. 


Top to Bottom-

Collection Lasting Perfection
Avon Luxe
L'Oreal True Match
MUA Pro Base

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks look into my makeup collection! 

Do you have a favourite concealer? Let me know down below 

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  1. Sounds like you have a fab selection to play with here! Such a shame to hear about the L'Oreal true match concealer, I don't own many of their beauty products so I'll know to avoid this one! Thanks for sharing your collection with us!

    Abbey 😘

    1. Thank you! I'm glad i could warn you before you purchased it aha!

      Thanks for reading,