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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mini Lush Haul

Hey Whisperers,

So the other day i took a trip into town with my best friend and naturally we had to make a stop in Lush. Now if you know me you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with every product in Lush so of course i couldn't walk out without a few goodies, so today i thought i would share what i brought with you! I hope you enjoy.

First up is of course a bath bomb, this is the Fizz-banger bath bomb. Now when i saw this bath bomb i was expecting it to leave my bath looking like a pale yellow but it was the complete opposite when i used it the other day. This bath bomb erupts into a bright green swirl and i makes your bath look incredible. Something that i didn't know until reading the label of this bath bomb the other day is that it has popping candy in which i think is really cool. It smells super fresh and citrussy and it's quickly become one of my top 5 bath bombs.

I was pretty much drawn to this bath bomb as soon as i walked into the store, this is the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a bright orange,pink, yellow and blue bath bomb (the pattern on the front is the same on the back with a yellow flower and blue centre) this bath bomb smells amazing. I was expecting it to be overly floral but it's got just the amount of floral and wood like smell that it just smells incredible. It's also quite a big bath bomb so it's definitely  worth the money.

I've recently fallen in love with Lush bubble bars, so of course i had to pick up a new one. This is the Bright-side bubble bar and it is absolutely gorgeous. With the red, orange and yellow swirls it looks like a flame when you crumble it into the water. This bubble bar leaves your bath looking like a bottle of tango, it's amazing. It's super citrussy which i love too. Obviously these bubble bars are a bit more pricey but i have used my other bubble bar 4 times now and i still have just under half left so they're 100x worth the price.

I loved the look of this MUM bath bomb as soon as i saw it, it's super cute and fun and i think it's a perfect mothers day gift. This bath bomb, like pretty much everything else from lush, smells absolutely incredible. It has both citrussy and floral scents and i think it's perfect for this time of yea. This bath bomb has 3 different layers a pink, yellow and a green layer and i can't wait to use it.

I know this haul was a little small but i wanted to share some of my recent lush purchases with you guys! I hope you've enjoyed this post.

What's your favourite Lush Product?
Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading,

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