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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Models Own Sculpt and Glow Highlighter Review

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Everyone loves a good glow right? So when i saw this Models Own highlighter I knew i had to swatch it and as soon as i swatched it i knew i had to have it. I kept it out of my highlighter collection that i posted a few weeks ago (read here) as i wanted to dedicate a post solely to it as I'm pretty much obsessed with it. So let's get into it.

Models Own Sculpt and Glow Highlighting Powder Review


The highlighter i picked up was the Models Own Sculpt and Glow highlighter in 01 Golden Sand. I love how sleek and pretty the packaging of this product is. It's an iridescent white shade that just looks and feels so high end and on the top it has the Models Own logo in a metallic silver (which i clearly forgot to take a picture off). One thing i love most about this product is that it magnetically closes which is new for me in a powder product. If you know me i tend to drop and break my powder products but this has been one that i have managed to keep together thanks to the magnet. Another thing i love is the mirror, having a mirror in a 'drugstore' powder product is pretty rare but this mirror is the perfect size and I love it. 

Product + Price

Now this highlighter is like nothing else i own. It's super pigmented, so much so that you only have to dip your brush into the compact and you have enough for your whole cheek bone (or if you're me 2 dips is enough).  I don't really know why it's called Golden Sand as for me it's nowhere near a Golden colour and is instead more of a peachy/champagne colour which i think is perfect for people with a shade of skin to me (aka ghostly). It's super shimmery but it isn't at all glittery which i find hard to find in a drugstore highlighter. The price of this product is also pretty amazing as it only costs £8.99! Which for this quality is amazing. I did get mine a little cheaper as it was on offer when i brought it which made it even more amazing.

Swatch Time

I always find swatching highlighters difficult but hopefully you can tell how amazing this product is. In the picture it does look quite gold but in person it's definitely more peach. To do this swatch i pretty much swiped once across the compact and as you can see it was more than enough product for me to swatch. The product isn't at all dry or chunky which i love and I'm pretty sure it's going to last a long time due to how pigmented it is.

Overall I am completely in love with this product, it looks gorgeous on the cheeks and for the price i honestly have no complaints. I definitely recommend trying it out in store as it's definitely worth it!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

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  1. Such a pretty colour and a great price. I love the fact that its magnetic I think all powders should be made with a case like this! x
    Lola Mia //

    1. I love the packaging it just feels so sturdy it's 100% worth the price!

      Thanks for Reading,