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Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Makeup Collection - Mascaras

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to another Makeup Collection post! This weeks post is on my Mascaras, i am a huge fan of mascaras and i have been through quite a few over the past few years so i do have a few to choose from. I hope you enjoy this post, i am in no way bragging about the makeup that i own and i know that i am very lucky to be able to have what i have. With that said lets get into the post!

My Makeup Collection - Mascaras 

Over the years i seem to have collected a few of these mascaras (I currently have 4 in my collection) but i don't mind at all because they're honestly amazing. They never clump and they just make your lashes look incredible.

I got this mascara on a whim ages and honestly, i don't love it. It clumps up a lot on my lashes and the brush is massive. I didn't realise i still had it still until this post so it's definitely going in the bin now.

This is probably one of my top 3 mascaras, it makes my lashes look absolutely incredible and it's super affordable which is always a bonus. It doesn't clump which is great, it's just incredible.

I got this mascara in a Birchbox and I haven't really used it too much since getting it. I love how small it is and i love the fact that it's Cruelty Free too! It's super black and it's definitely one that i want to start using more. 

If you read my January  Favourites post (here) you'll know that i absolutely love this mascara, it's super black and makes my lashes super long. I don't know what it is about this mascara but it just makes my lashes look like fake lashes and it holds the curl all day. It's definitely another one of my favourites. 

This mascara is incredible, but i haven't been using it as much recently as it does have 2 steps which means twice the time which some days i just don't have. This mascara leaves my lashes looking super thick and long, it doesn't really hold the curl but they still look amazing.

Last but definitely not least, is my all time favourite mascara. This TASH mascara is amazing, it makes my lashes super dark, long and thick. I love using this instead of the L'Oreal one because it is just one step and it's super fast. I did do a full review and side by side comparisons on this mascara here so don't forget to check that out. 

So there you go those were my mascaras!
 I love collecting and trying out new mascaras so if you have any suggestions don't forget to let me know in the comments below!

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