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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spring Wishlist 2017

Hey Whisperers,

Over the past few weeks there's been a few things that I've seen, loved, put back and added to my wishlist. I don't treat myself often so instead i add things to my never ending wishlist and then when i have the money i buy one thing to treat myself and so today i thought i would share my spring wishlist with you guys! I hope you enjoy.

My Spring Wishlist

This collaboration looks incredible, I've been a huge fan of Nikkie for a few years now and to see her release a collection with such an big brand is amazing. All of the colours look gorgeous and i mean come on look at that highlighter! I don't know if i will be getting this collection mainly because I am trying to save up my money and this is quite a big purchase at £55 but it is definitely staying on my Wishlist.

I saw this dress on Boohoo recently and i fell in love. I buy the same thing year in year out when it comes to spring/summer clothes but this year i want to change it up a bit. I want to add more dresses and skirts into my wardrobe and this dress looks perfect for it. It's also super affordable as it's only £18

I am in love with this perfume, so much that I've gone through 2 bottles in the past year. It's just such a perfect sweet scent that i can't help but love it. The cheapest bottle of this perfume is £31 on it's own but the gift set is only £16.99 so if you want to try it out i definitely recommend getting the gift set instead.

I've been eyeing up the Kat Von D Everlasting Lipsticks for a while but because they are pretty pricey at  £17 i want to make sure i get the perfect shade for me. Looking at online swatches I've fallen in love with both Lolita II and Bow and Arrow. They're both such beautiful nudes but they still have that super different colour which i love in a lipstick. 

Primark Chip Tea Cup

#ChipGate is seriously a thing, i have been looking for this Chip mug since it was released in March but i still haven't found it. I absolutely love Beauty and the Beast and Chip is one of my all time favourite characters, this mug sold out within hours and i can totally understand why. It's just so god damn cute and for £5 it's definitely a steal!

So many cute things and so little time and money to get them with! I can't wait too see what i actually end up purchasing off this list as i've loved creating it,

What's on your Spring Wishlist?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for Reading,

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