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Saturday, 13 May 2017

40+ Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Hey Whisperers,

Since I started blogging a little over a year a go  i've been through quite a few stages of being completely lost for ideas and being stuck with the thing that all bloggers dread. Writers Block, Although for the most part, being a blogger is amazing you do have periods where you just have no ideas, no inspiration and it is so incredibly frustrating, so today I decided to create a list of blog posts so to help get those creative thoughts going! I hope it helps.

40+ Beauty Blog Post Ideas 

1- Whats In My Makeup Bag
2- How Much Is My Face Worth
3- My Favourite Makeup Trends Right Now
4- Product Reviews
5- Product Hit's and Misses
6- Monthly Favourites
7- My Favourite Beauty Blogs/ Channels
8- Makeup Tutorials
9- Unboxing Posts 
10- YouTube / Blogs Made Me Do It
11- Makeup Dupes
12- Makeup Wishlists
13- Your Favourite Etsy Stores/ Smaller Brands
14-  Makeup Empties 
15- Nighttime Routine
16- Morning Routine
17- Colour Focus- All Things Pink
18- How I Organise My Makeup 
19- My Makeup Collection
20- My Go To Products
21- What I Pack For My Holiday - Makeup Bag
22- Best At The Drug Store
23- Worth The Splurge
24- DIY Beauty Treatments
25- Testing Social Media Trends - Feather Brows, Kylie Lip Kits etc.
26- Date Night Makeup Look
27- Star Inspired Makeup Look
28- Beauty Hacks
30- DIY Gifts

Although this post is focused on Beauty Blog Posts it's also important to show a bit of yourself, your personality and also some tips on your blog so I thought I would add these posts in too!

1- Photography Tips
2- What I Use For Blogging Props
3- Blogging Expectations VS Reality
4- 10 Thing About Me
5- Day In The Life 
6- Write My Life/ Draw My Life
7- My Life In Pictures
8- Collabs 
9- Tags - This Time Next Year Tag, Disney Tag etc. 
10- Giveaways 
11- Bucketlists
12- Q & A
13- Vision Boards
14- What I've Learned During My  (First 6 Months, Year etc)  Of Blogging
15- My Blogging Routine.

I hope this post can help you if you've been looking for some ideas for your posts! 

Thanks for Reading,

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