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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Dream Flat

Hey Whisperers,

Over the past few weeks I've seen quite a few of these kinds of posts on my twitter and i love them. I don't know what it is about looking at flats and houses online but i love it. So when i saw this series on LifeWithKtkinnes blog i knew i wanted to do something similar. Over on Katie's blog she talks through her dream flat room by room (read her series here) which I'm obsessed with by the way and so today i thought I'd write a post on my dream flat. So i hope you enjoy.

My Dream Flat


One thing I've always wanted in a flat is an open plan kitchen and living space. There's just something about having an open living space that i love so that played a big part in the 'design' of my layout. I also wanted to have two bedrooms, one that i would keep as my room and another that i would make into an office. Last but not least i also wanted 2 bathrooms. If you know me then you know that i have a tonne of bath products and in turn i struggle to keep a bathroom clean, so I'd love to have two bathrooms one for me to use and another that i can actually keep clean for guests. 


Living Room 

One thing i want my whole apartment to be is bright, with light colours, white grey and cream, and i want it to be open. In the living room I want a big fabric sofa with room to seat at least 5 people. I'd love some kind of shelves so that I can put all my little bits and bobs on display, my pictures with friends and family, plants and books. I think it looks so nice and you can never have enough room for all the little bits and bobs that we have. 


Just like the living room, i want the kitchen to be super open. One thing i want throughout the apartment is wooden floors too, they're super easy to clean (which I'd need because as soon as i move out I'm getting a dog) so that would be a must. The picture is pretty much what i want in a kitchen however, i would want wood counters instead of white, not for practicality but just because i love the way they look. I would also want the kitchen to have a breakfast bar area (i think that's what they're called) because although i love sitting down at a table and eating as a group I don't want a dining table in my flat, that way I'd have more room. 


I've been looking at bedrooms on Pintrest for months so this decision was easy for me to make. My dream room is pretty much a pastel pink,blue or purple and white theme. I'd love a double bed with white simple bedding. One thing i want to incorporate into my room is some rose gold and also a lot of artwork (most of which I'd get from DorkFace on Etsy). I also want a lot of light in my room and also throughout the flat, it's easy to take blog pictures with. I'd also have a TV, I have one at the moment and I love it, i can't sleep without sound so having a TV is a must. 


I love open bathrooms with clean white toilets, baths and sinks. They're just so pretty and calming. I don't know if I'd want my bathroom to be this big, but i do want to have room to move around. One thing I'd definitely have in my en-suite is a bath, if you know me you know that i love Lush products so i would have to have a bath in my en-suite.  One thing i would want that isn't in this picture is more storage, as i previously said i have a lot of bath products so I'd need somewhere to store them. 


Just like my bedroom i want to incorporate a lot of gold and rose gold into my 'office' which honestly i cringe saying. It would be more like a blogging room. A room where i had area's set up for blogging pictures, a desk that i could sit at and write posts instead of writing in bed where i just end up watching TV . I'd also love a sofa in my office so that friends could come and join me when I'm blogging. I also think that sometimes you just need to take a break and chill out instead of forcing yourself to work and i think having a sofa to just take a break on would be good too.  I would also have the sofa be a sofa bed so that i could have friends come and stay too.


Last but not least is the guest bathroom. Like my room it would have a bath and shower combo so that anyone staying over could feel comfortable. Something i love when watching Zoella's blog is the small tray that she puts together for people staying over so I'd also love doing that with a tray of their favourite bath products ect. I don't really mind what the guest bathroom looks like as long as its crisp an clean as I'd probably just stick to using my en-suite instead.  

I would love my dream flat, but i know that it's something that won't be happening until very far in the future, but it was fun looking. I of course have to thank Katie for giving me the idea for this so of course check out her series on her blog because it's amazing!

What would your dream flat look like?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for Reading,

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