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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Testing Wish,com Makeup

Hey Whisperers,

Over the past few months I've been ordering a few things of the website Wish.com , I've ordered things from the site before and although they do take quite a while to get here they've all been pretty good quality. One thing i hadn't tried much of however was the beauty section of the website, i had tried the odd makeup brush but never any of actual makeup products and so over the past few months I've ordered a few makeup products so that i can create this post, so lets get into it.

What is Wish.com ?

Wish.com is an website and app where you can buy a variety of products from beauty to clothing and jewellery. From what i can tell the majority of the products come from China so they do take a considerable amount of time to arrive. To me i see the website as being another kind of EBay site just with fixed prices. The majority of the products are super cheap and although they aren't always the most incredible quality they are generally good products.

What I Got?

UBUB Honour Light Roast Eye Shadow 
£1 each

For £1 you can't really go wrong with these shadows. I didn't realise when ordering that i had ordered a blue shade which is a shame because i probably won't us it but it is still beautiful. The gold shade however it gorgeous and definitely one that I'm going to be using a lot. Both shadows are more pigmented than i imagined however they are quite chalky. Although only £1 they blend amazingly and they stay shimmery on the eye all day which i was quite impressed with. I definitely recommend them.

Yanoina Waterproof Eyeliner
£1 for 2

If you know me you know that I love my eyeliner, so when  I saw this pack of  2 waterproof eyeliners for £1 i knew i had to try them out. The first thing i noticed about these liners is that they're super pigmented, for the price i wasn't expecting them to be so black as cheaper liners tend to be more grey toned than black. The pen on these liners are also quite thin which is amazing when it comes to liner. Overall they've pretty much become one of my favourite liners that I own and them only being £1 makes them 10x better. I'm definitely going to be ordering more soon.

Glod Minimal Trendiga Tint My Brows Gel

I've seen products like this one on Instagram and YouTube so when i saw it on Wish i wanted to try it out. It is a lot different from how i expected it to be, it's quite thick and dark and although it says that it leaves your brows looking a dark brown it left mine looking a dark grey colour. However, it is supposed to stay on for a few days at least it came straight off when i used my toner on my face later in the night, which obviously isn't what you want do i was quite disappointing with it.

WOW Long Lasting Lip Colour in Romantic Bear 

I knew when i ordered this that it was a fake but i still wanted to try it out for this post. I did think that I had ordered a more pink shade but I received a orange shade. The smell of this lip product is so strange, it smells just like a lolly pop. It does take a little while to dry on the lips but it definitely leaves a strong stain behind so I'd definitely double check what shade you get because they are strong stains.

Waterproof Matte Nude Lipgloss in 07

Now I'm still not too sure on the colour or the feel of this lipstick. When i first saw it i loved the colour but on the lips it's a lot more pink than i thought. One thing i definitely don't like about this lipstick is how sticky it is once it has set and gone matte, i know you can solve this by just adding a little loose powder but it just doesn't feel the best on the lips. It is super long lasting and it definitely is waterproof so if the sticky finish doesn't bother you it is an alright product.


Top to Bottom

Waterproof Eyeliner
Brow Stain
Lip Stain
Waterproof Lipstick
Baked Shadows

Overall, Wish does have some good products and for the price it's definitely worth ordering some. When i was getting the links for these products they did have an offer on quite a few products that made them free so you just pay the postage which for most of the products is amazing as postage tends to only be between £1 and  £2 a product! If you'd like to see more posts like this let me know!

Have you ever tried anything from Wish.com?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for Reading,

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