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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Beauty Bit's I'm Loving!

Hey Whisperers,

While trying new products is fun, there's always going to be those products that you always go back to. Over the past few weeks I've found my Beauty posts quite difficult to write as I've pretty much been sticking with the same products so 'First Impression' and 'Product Reviews' have been pretty tricky to write. Now seeing as i have been sticking with the same products, and of course loving them, i thought it rude not to share with you guys and so today that's what I'm here to do, so these are my Beauty Bit's I'm Loving.

Beauty Bit's I'm Loving

If you haven't heard of, or seen this palette you've seriously been missing out. Obviously highlighting is a very popular thing in makeup at the minute and finding a good highlighting palette with good shades and pigmentation is something that no cheek blinding queen is going to turn down. I did do a review on this product when i first got it to so you can head over to that post here to see the swatches but honestly, i promise you, when you try this it will become one of your favourites very quickly! Hint: The lavender shade on the inner corner takes any eye look from basic to out of this world.

Sophie here bringing another cult favourite forward, i never used to understand the need for an eye-shadow primer. I used to just grab my palette, wack some shadow on my eyes and go on with my day. Then I'd get to the end of the day with my eyes looking like I'd got some kind of freak disease and I'd be left complaining so i gave this product a go and I've used it everyday since. This shade is the perfect shade if you have 'pigmented' lids like me as it cancels out pretty much all colours and it looks amazing. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for an affordable primer, this one has lasted me since November so they definitely last a long time too.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that this is my go to palette by now, and if not...well now you do. This palette literally scream summer, it's so bright, warm and perfect. As you can tell I'm pretty much obsessed with the Alchemy as it's hit pan... is hitting pan on one shadow a good enough reason to get another one?. The shimmer/metallic shades in this palette are like no other that I have tried and honestly, I've been using this everyday for the past 5 months. So if you've been looking at Zoeva palettes and you've been holding back on trying them don't, they're incredible. Full review with swatches here.

NYX was a brand that i wanted to try for so long and honestly when it arrived in the UK i wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. This lipstick however, is pretty much my favourite in my whole collection. I'm pretty sure that everyone and their momma has tried some kind of NYX lip product but for me nothing beats this one. I, like pretty much every other makeup lover, love matte lips so when i got this i was so excited and i fell in love. It's so hard to find a matte lipstick that doesn't make you feel like your lips are slowly drying up and falling off your face. Of course the colour of this lipstick was also bonus as it's pretty much the perfect mix between brown and nude which makes it bold enough to add to any makeup look but not too bold that it's in your face which i love.

£3.90 for a primer? Is anyone really going to turn down trying that? I was a little weary when i ordered this primer but honestly it's incredible, so good that I've used up not only one but two tubes of it and I'm scraping at the tubes before i order more. A little of this product goes a long way and it's definitely comparable to the more expensive brands that I've tried. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated which is something i love. 

Blogging about makeup has made blogging hard for me the past few weeks as i have pretty much been doing to same thing each day but i hope you've enjoyed this post on the beauty bits I've been loving!

What's your all time favourite makeup product?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Great post! I so want to try the ordinary primer now! I thought they only had affordable skincare but 3.90 for a primer? I need to try it!