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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Birchbox Unboxing - June 2017

Hey Whisperers,

It's that time again, Birchbox time. This month I got to choose what colour bag i got and I am so glad i chose the mint colour because I'm completely obsessed with it! The past month has flown by but I'm super excited to open this months 'bag' so lets get into it!

What is Birchbox?

If you're new to Birchbox, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that you receive each month with 5 products to try out. The products can range from sample size to full size and they also range in price. All products in the box can be found on the Birchbox website where the box is purchased for £12.95 each month. Some months you will receive an email where you can either choose a product or a box/bag design which i love as it lets you make the bag/products a little more of your style!

What I Got This Month?

RRP £8

Now don't get me wrong I love a good hand cream, but the Cowshed brand seems to be one that I'm getting quite regularly in my boxes and honestly it isn't my favourite brand. I did give this hand cream a try and although it feels amazing on the skin, the scent is definitely not my favourite. On the back of the tube it's described as having Grapefruit tones and Bitter Orange tones which to me, are not my favourite smells. I probably won't be using this at all which sucks as it is such a good sample size.

RRP £20

First up the price for the full size version of this product is insane. I love my hair but i don't think any dry shampoo is worth paying that much money for. I do love the size of this product though it's perfect for travelling and it smells amazing, it's the perfect smell for summer. The packaging of this product is also super cute. My only problem with Dry Shampoo is that i pretty much always use too much so hopefully i can limit how much i use this

RRP £11.95

I was so excited to see this scrub in my bag! I've seen scrubs like this a few times in shops like Boots and TKMaxx but I've just never tried them so I'm excited to try this one. I do think that i was sent the wrong one as in the little product leaflet you get in your box, it says coffee scrub, however I'm happier that they sent me this one as it smells incredible! The packaging is super cute and you get a pretty generous sample of 50g and looking at the product i think you can get at least 2/3 uses out of it which amazing. It's definitely my favourite product in this months bag. 

RRP £12

I've been looking for a light eyeliner for my waterline for so long so when i saw this in my bag i was super excited. It's super creamy and easy to apply which is a must for me because my eyes are super sensitive when it comes to the waterline. I also love the colour, instead of it being super white it's more of a baby pink colour which is super cute. It does say that it's waterproof which I've tested on my hand and it definitely is so I'm looking forward to trying it out on my eyes. The full size of this product is £12 which for me is a little pricey but it is a double ended product when it's full-sized with the other end being a waterproof black liner so it isn't too badly priced.

Meech And Mia Brow Liner in #021
Full size RRP £12.99

I saw an advert on Facebook showing that this was going to be in the bag and to be honest i wasn't too excited. I think when it comes to brow products they can be very hit and miss as obviously everybody's brow shades are different. Personally i would have preferred  for the eyeliner to have been full size. I have swatched this and it is quite pigmented which is good but i do think it's going to be a little too light for my brows, I'm definitely going to give it a try though!

Total RRP For This Month's Box 


Honestly, I'm quite disappointed  with this months box. Scrolling through the website of things being sampled this month there are some incredible products such as Estee Lauder Cleansing Jelly, Bobbi Brown Eye Cream, Origins Serum which all look amazing compared to what i have received. I am excited to try the body scrub and dry shampoo but hopefully next months box will be better. In this months box we did also receive 15% off Trouva which i'm going to look into, alongside a preview of a product for next months box which will be a mini Benefit product which although an amazing sample is also something that we have received in a box not too long ago.

Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
 If so did you get anything different in your box this month?
Let me know in the comments down below!

If you want to try out Birchbox you can use my link here to get £5 off your first box making it just £7.95!

Thanks for Reading,

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