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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Blogging On A Budget - Props

Hey Whisperers,

When i started blogging I never really knew anything about the photography that comes with it, which ended up with my pictures looking pretty basic. Over the past year I've found a few props that have helped me so much when it comes to my photo's and so today i thought I'd share them with you! Lets get into it.

Blogging Props 

These fake plants from Primark were some of the last props that i brought. They're usually blurred in the background of my pictures so you can't normally see them too much but they add so much to any picture that you take just by adding that little extra colour and dimension. The larger silver plant was £3 and the smaller gold one was £2, i did get these quite a while ago but while shopping the other day i did check and they do have similar things to these in stock. 

These small glass diamonds are probably one of my favourite props, they just add a little extra to any picture I take and lets be honest they're super cute. You can either use these to fill up space in a picture or to help prop up smaller products without making it look messy. They are quite small so be careful if you do get them a I've dropped and stood on a few and believe me it's as bad as stepping on a Lego brick. These were super cheap at only £1.99 for a large tube in The Range. Buy them here

These glass stones are also great for filling up space in pictures. I don't tend to reach for them as much as the smaller diamonds as they do take up more room and look quite bulky but they do help a lot when it comes to stabilizing and propping up products and i mean for £1 from The Range i couldn't not pick them up. Buy them here. 

This prop is by far my favourite prop that  have, i paid £3.50 for this little beauty from Primark and i have been 110% obsessed with it every since. This copper/rose gold tea candle holder makes any photo look 1 million times better, it adds so much more to any picture i take. Plus it's just super pretty. Of course i can't link this as I did get it from Primark but i only got it a few days ago so they should still have it in stock.

Last but by no means least my favourite 'prop' of all my marble background. For a while i used a plain white background, which although i loved, wasn't always the best for pictures so when i was told about this Marble Contact paper i was so excited. For £4 online or £5 i store you get 2 meters of this paper which doesn't seem much but you don't really need much for taking pictures. It adds so much to a picture and honestly, it's just nice having something that isn't plain white. Buy it here

Just to show how much props can help pictures i thought I'd a few before and after pictures here: 



Obviously, it isn't only props that make your photo's better, it does take a lot of work but they definitely help. I take all my photo's on my IPhone using the HDR setting which allows me to adjust the brightness which helps a lot, so you don't need to rush out and buy an expensive camera. But if you're struggling with photography don't give up because eventually you'll start finding tips and tricks that help. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading,

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