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Saturday, 17 June 2017

June Wishlist 2017

Hey Whisperers,

So this month I'm on a pretty tight budget after going on a girls shopping trip, where I obviously , spent more money than i should have. So today I'm coming at you with my June wishlist, I've done a lot of window shopping this month so I'm excited to get into the post, so lets jump right in.

June Wishlist 2017

Living in the UK, Kat Von D makeup was something i always wanted to try but never could as it was only stocked in America, however recently Kat Von D has brought her incredible makeup line to the UK in Debenhams stores so when i was in store the other day i had to swatch this and i of course fell in love. However it does have a larger price tag of £27 which for me is quite a lot so for now I'm just going to add it to my wishlist. 

This body mist is one of the most amazing smelling things I have ever smelt, I do already own one bottle of this but i know that I'm going to use it up quickly so i definitely need to get another one. Victoria's Secret is also having it's semi-annual sale at the moment too making it only £5 which i mean come on for a spray of this size and smell is incredible!

Now I'm not normally one to wear playsuits but when i saw this on Boohoo i fell in love. You do have to order it online of course so i am a little skeptical about ordering it as I've never even tried one on before but i may order it and if it doesn't look right send it back because I'm obsessed with it. 

I saw this mug online a few months ago and I've pretty much been searching for it every time i go to a primark (which is a lot) and i still haven't found it. They do have one in the Disney store but it's twice the price and this one is just cuter so hopefully i can find it this month. This is why Primark need to make an online store it would make things so much simpler. 

During summer  i pretty much stick to 'natural' eye makeup and this one looks absolutely perfect! I have two Morphe shadows but i haven't really used them much as they're both quite dark. I've seen this palette used by people like Nikkitutorials and MannyMUA so I do have quite high hopes for it. It isn't too expensive as it is only £13 for 12 shadows but it isn't super cheap either. 

I'm obsessed with everything on my list this month so hopefully i'll be able to get atleast a few of them!

Whats on your June Wishlist?
Let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for Reading,

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