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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

5 Tattoo's I Love But Won't Be Getting

Hey Whisperers,

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while now you'll know that i absolutely  love tattoo's and piercings. Another thing that i love is Pintrest, so of course, I made a pintrest board for tattoo's i love and over the past few years it's grown and grown and so today I thought that I'd share with you 5 of the tattoo's that i absolutely love but won't be getting. I hope you enjoy!

5 Tattoo's I Love But Won't Be Getting 

The first tattoo i absolutely love is this anklet tattoo, now i know I've put it on this list but i would still really love to get it. To me it just looks so elegant and pretty yet it's something different too, something that you don't see everywhere which is what i love about tattoos. Although I do love this tattoo it does have a lot of detail in it and it's in a sensitive place so it would be a super long and painful tattoo to get. I do definitely want to get a tattoo like this one though, maybe one with just a little bit less detail.

This anagram is one that i saw and fell in love with years ago when i was super obsessed with Tumblr and I've loved it ever since. If you haven't seen the anagram EHFAR before it stands for Everything Happens For A Reason, which i love and 100% believe in. Now although i do love the anagram I'm not a huge fan of text tattoos for me, I've seen loads on other people that i love but i don't think they would suit me very well, so i definitely won't be getting this tattoo. 

Behind the ear tattoo's have always been some of my favourites, this one was one of the first tattoo's that i fell in love with and it was the tattoo i wanted for sooo long, then one day i just didn't love it anymore. Alike the anklet tattoo it has a lot of detail which means it would be a super long and painful tattoo to get, which by no means makes it not worth it, but for me it is just not the kind of design that i want anymore. 

This tattoo was one of the first ever tattoo's that i ever wanted, i absolutely love how it looks and it is so elegant and pretty, but it is also super popular. One thing i want my tattoo's to be is different, i don't want to have the same tattoo that thousands of other people have and that would be the case if i got this tattoo. Back when i first fell in love with it, it was popular but it's become even more popular now so I've kind of gone off it.

When i turned 18 this was the only tattoo that i wanted, I'd planned it for years, decided what i wanted to add and what i wanted to take away. Then one day i realised that it just wasn't me anymore. I love skulls, i don't know why but i absolutely love them, and i still definitely want a tattoo with one in but i just think this one is a representation of what i used to be like instead of what I'm like now. I still think it is incredibly beautiful but i don't think i could ever get it.

I think that tattoo's are absolutely beautiful and each and everyone is a piece of art, i can't wait to finally decide on a design for my first tattoo and actually get it done. I will definitely be blogging about that whole experience when i finally do it so keep your eyes peeled for that post, hopefully it won't be too long from now!

Do you have any tattoo's?
If so let me know what they are below or send me a picture on twitter here!

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