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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Birchbox Unboxing - July 2017

Hey Whisperers,

It's Birchbox time again! If you're new to my blog, each month i unbox my monthly Birchbox subscription box and go through each product with you. Before subscribing to Birchbox i loved reading other peoples unboxings so now I'm a subscriber I couldn't not share what i get each month too. So lets get into the unboxing.

What Is Birchbox?

If you're new to Birchbox, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that you receive each month with 5 products to try out. The products can range from sample size to full size and they also range in price. All products in the box can be found on the Birchbox website where the box is purchased for £12.95 each month. Some months you will receive an email where you can either choose a product or a box/bag design which i love as it lets you make the bag/products a little more of your style! This month's theme was Summer Daze which of course if perfect for the coming summer months. I'm in love with this months box design too it's so pretty.

What I Got This Month?

RRP £25.50

This Benefit Lip and Cheek stain was this month's pick your shade product, you could pick between the Cha Cha Tint (which i chose) and the Go Go Tint when you logged into your Birchbox account. Personally I'm not a huge fan of products like these so I'm probably going to add this to my Giveaway pile or I'll give it to a friend. The colour is super subtle and it does seem like a good product but the sample size of it is so tiny it's 2.5ml so it wouldn't last long at all, so although it is of course a great brand I'm not too impressed with the size. 

RRP £7.99

I am so intrigued by this product. When i first saw it in my box i thought it was some kind of lip scrub but i was quite surprised when i saw that it was a deodorant. I haven't yet tried it out but I'm definitely going to in the next few weeks. To me it smells like a candle and unfortunately because i don't love the smell of coconut I'm not in love with it, I'm hoping that once it's on it won't be as super strong like it is in the jar. I am quite excited to try it though. 

RRP £20

I was super disappointed  when I saw this product in my box, as i said last month i seem to be getting quite a lot of hair care products and even now that I've changed my beauty profile I'm still getting them. Another thing that bothered me about this product is that I've already received a product from this brand before which although isn't the worst thing in the world is a little annoying as one of the main things that Birchbox promises is trying out new brands each month. This is an overnight leave in balm that you wash out in the morning, it is supposed to leave your hair super soft and nourished. 

RRP £35

I was so happy to see this perfume sample in my box. I don't think I've ever received a perfume sample in Birchbox before so this was something new for me. This perfume smells incredible it's super floral and sweet and it's pretty much the perfect summer scent. It smells so musky and comforting which i know sounds weird but it just makes you feel so cosy and warm. I may order the full size of this perfume the next time i get paid because it smells incredible!

RRP £16

Balance Me is another very popular brand in Birchbox, I'm pretty sure this is the third or fourth product that I've received from them which is pretty annoying. This micellar water is a pretty cute 'travel size' product with 30ml of product. It does however have a super herbal scent which I'm not a big fan of, especially considering it's going to be on my face which means I'll have no choice but to smell it. I'll probably try it out but I'm not super excited about it. 

Full Size RRP £12.50 

Last but definitely not least is my favourite product in this months box. The Tangle Teaser Compact Styler, I've wanted to buy a tangle teaser for so long but as you can tell from the price of this one they're quite pricey for just a hair brush. This compact one comes with a lid/cover which is perfect for taking it on the go and I'm in love with the colour of it. I pretty much used it as soon as i got it and i fell in love instantly. I have pretty knotty hair and this combed through it so easily and didn't pull or tug at my hair at all. I love it .

Total RRP For This Months Box


Overall I'm not super impressed with this months box, the only  products I'm excited for are the Perfume, Tangle Teaser and the Deodorant. I don't know if I'm going to be keeping my Birchbox subscription much longer as i haven't been to impressed with my boxes recently so if you have any other boxes you'd like to see me unbox let me know down below!

If you want to try out Birchbox you can use my link here to get £5 off your first box making it just £7.95!

As Always,
Thanks For Reading,

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