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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara Review

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Covergirl has always been a makeup brand I've wanted to try, but living in the UK it was pretty much impossible for me to try it, unless i ordered it online. While shopping in TkMaxx the other day i came across the Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara for £2.99 by the tills so i had to pick it up and of course i also had to review it for you guys, so i hope you enjoy.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara Review 

Lets Talk Packaging

One thing i love most about this mascara is the packaging, i love how bright the tube is because if like me, you're a huge makeup hoarder, it's hard to find an exact mascara especially when they all look the same. Another thing i love about the packaging is the metallic silver writing, however I don't think it will last long, i think it's the kind of labelling that will wear off if you use it too often. Overall it's pretty much your standard mascara packaging,well apart from it being bright green of course. 

The applicator on this product is also one that i really love. It's not massive or bulky like a lot of other mascaras that I've tried, instead it's pretty small with a slight curve which makes coating each lash super easy. Now, one thing that isn't too great about this applicator is that it is super spiky. If you get it too close to the root of your lashes it can feel quite spiky on your eye which is never fun. The 'handle' is also super smooth so if like me you're super clumsy it is super easy to drop as you can't get a super good grip on it.

The Results

Honestly, I'm quite impressed with this mascara. It separated my lashes pretty well and it is super black. I do wish that it would have made them a little longer but for £2.99 i can't really complain. One thing that this mascara did do very well was curl my lashes, one of the biggest problems that i have with my lashes is that they pretty much stick out straight when they have nothing on them, this mascara however curled them pretty well and they stayed curled all day. Now this mascara does also claim to be waterproof and when i have worn it it has been quite difficult to remove and  it does stick put so i do think it is a good option if you're looking for something waterproof. 

Overall Thoughts

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this mascara, it isn't the best mascara i have ever tried but it is pretty good and i have found myself reaching for it quite a lot since i got it. I do like to layer my mascaras so layering this over the top of my TASH mascara is my favourite combination at the minute. I of course did get mine from TkMaxx but you can get this mascara online from Amazon here for £2.94 with £1.99 P&P.

What's your favourite mascara?
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