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Saturday, 1 July 2017

June Favourites 2017

Hey Whisperers,

How has a whole month passes already?! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was writing my May favourites. I've had some serious writers block this month, but i pushed through it and hopefully you've enjoyed the posts i put up. You probably know what this post is already from the title so let's jump right into it.

June Favourites 

I stumbled across this body mist a few weeks ago in the semi-annual sale and I've been in love ever since. It's the perfect summer scent and for £5 it is such a good size. If you've ever tried any of the Victoria's Secret sprays you'll know that they're so strong and you literally only need a few sprays so i know this one is going to last me pretty much all of the summer. The Victoria's Secret sprays are normally £15-16 each so the £5 offer is so good, the sale is still on in store and online so I'd grab some as soon as possible because they're definitely worth it. I couldn't find the link to this one exact one online but it definitely still available in store, so I've instead linked the page for the sale mists instead. 

I woke up last week with my mom at the side of my bed with a package and that package contained these incredibly beautiful Unicorn Brushes. I had no idea she had ordered these for me but I'm so glad that she did, they're so beautiful and honestly for £4.98 for a set of 10 the quality is amazing. The blending brush is by far my favourite and I do have to admit it took me a few days to even use them because i was so scared of getting them dirty. Obviously the above picture only shows 5 as i couldn't get them all in a shot but i do have more pictures of them over on my Instagram so if you want to see the eye brushes and the handles make sure you check them out over there. 

Primark Brow Cream

I did a little review on this brow cream in one of my Testing Primark Makeup posts and I used it every now and again but recently I've fallen head over heels in love with it. It's super pigmented, creamy and it's so easy to use. For £2 it's definitely worth trying out especially if you love brow pomades because its just a little bit creamier so it's easier to use. I've been using mine pretty much every day for the past month and it's still got at least half left so you really don't need much. Because it's creamy i wasn't expecting it to last too long on the brows but it lasts all day and once it's set it isn't going anywhere. I'd pick this over my NYX Brow Pomade any day and it's half the price! Of course there isn't a link on the website but they do still carry this product in stores, and if you're more of a pencil fan their eyebrow pencil and powder pen is amazing too. 

Now contouring is something that although i love the look of I've never really got the hang of. I've had this product in my drawer for months but I've never really tried it out fully then a few weeks ago i decided to give it a go and I've been in love since. It's so easy to use and even though it is a cream product it's so easy to blend out. It looks super natural on my skin which is something that I've found hard when it comes to contouring as most products either look like a line of mud or a line of orange Doritos dust. This one however, is super light and fits my skin tone perfectly. Obviously you do get the highlighting half too but i haven't used it too much, it is super pigmented and creamy though so maybe i should start using it more. I have linked Wilko's as the place to buy it as it's the cheapest place to get it.  

This past month I've been obsessed with glitter cut creases and this glitter has been my go to. It's absolutely gorgeous and it stays on all day long. Something i love about it is that it's full of glitter, which although sounds stupid, is something hard to find in a glitter liner. Most other glitter liners that I've tried have been more clear liner based than glitter making it super hard to build up. The only issue I've found with this product is the brush as mine for some reason has become super frayed so applying it in a specific area has become quite difficult but to be honest that was probably my doing and i mean for £2.99 can i really complain?

I know this month's post is mostly beauty products but I've really enjoyed doing my makeup this month, i do have a few more skincare and stationary bits that I'm going to be trying out over the next few weeks so my next favourites is definitely going to be less beauty based! 

I hope you enjoyed this month's favourites!
What's your favourite beauty product this month?
Let me know in the comments below!

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