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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Under £5 - Makeup

Hi Whisperers,

A few weeks ago i did a post on 5 skincare products under £5 and you guys really seemed to enjoy it and so today I'm back again, but this time I'm bringing some of my all time favourite beauty products to you. Because lets be honest there's nothing better than finding a good makeup I have really been enjoying writing these posts so let me know if you would like more of them! I hope you enjoy.

5 Under £5 -  Makeup

I Heart Makeup Goddess Of Love Highlighter Tripe Baked Highlighter


If you've been a long time reader you'll know that i absolutely love this highlighter. It's super pigmented and it leaves you with such a beautiful glittery glow. It is super golden so it's perfect for a bronzed summer look. I have also used it a few times as an eye shadow because I'm just that obsessed with it. I also tend to always add way too much highlight, but this one is super blendable so i never have to worry. I did write a post on this product a lone quite awhile ago so if you want to see swatches of it click here. 

Makeup Revolution Iconic Lipstick in Absolutely Flawless


If you've never tried a Makeup Revolution lipstick you've been missing out. These lipsticks are some of the most creamy and pigmented lipsticks that i have ever tried. As you can tell by the bullet of this one, it is my one true love when it comes to lipstick. No matter how many lipsticks I try I always love this one especially for summer. Matte lips are a big thing right now, but in the summer wearing a matte lip is literally like torture so i love the creamy, glossy finish of this one. These lipsticks are only £2.49 and i don't have a single complaint about them. The darker shades, are a little patchy but after two coats they're fine, and for £2.49 i can't really complain about that. 

Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara 


This mascara was one of the first mascara's i ever tried and i still love it now. For £2.99 this mascara does everything.. literally everything. It separates the lashes,  lengthens them and adds volume too it's amazing. They do also do a waterproof version which i definitely recommend for the summer time as it does not budge at all. I have had this tube quite a long time (Gross i know) but it has now changed to a metallic pink packaging which  I love, so if you do look in store for this it's now pink!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 Fair


Do I even really need to mention this concealer in this post? This beauty cult favourite is literally the best concealer I've ever used. It is so pigmented and blendable and the coverage of this bad boy is insane. I do love, love, love this concealer but i do have to say the shade range is a joke, especially if you're of a darker skin colour. This concealer has 4 shades yep just 4, they range from fair to dark and even as a pale ass ghost i still know that the dark shade of this concealer is no darker than the caramel in my Mars Bar *link here to a swatch i found online*. If you are of a paler skin tone however, this concealer is perfect for under the eyes and for concealing blemishes. 

Makeup Revolution Blush in Treat  


These blushes are the biggest bargains I've ever found, they're insanely pigmented and they blend like an absolute dream. My favourite *pictured above* is the shade Treat, it's the perfect peach/pink colour and it suits every single makeup look i do. I've had this blush a while and i use it everyday and as you can see I've barley even made a dent in it! I always go super heavy on my blush because i have 0 self control, so the fact that this is super blendable is great for me. Out of all of the blushes I've tries, this one is amazing i reach for it over all of my 'higher end' blushes all the time.

There's nothing better than finding a good beauty bargain! I hope that this post has helped you find a few new products, that won't break the bank!

Do you have a favourite beauty product that costs less than £5?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for Reading,

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