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Saturday, 19 August 2017

My Everyday Makeup

Hey Whisperers,

The last time i did an everyday makeup post was February last year and since then i have changed so much and in turn so has my makeup. So instead of sharing another product review with you guys i thought that today i would share my everyday makeup with you instead. Before i get into this post i do want to just pop this oh-so-fun disclaimer in, I know that i wear a lot of makeup,but it's just what i personally like to wear. I know for some people this is way too much makeup and i respect that.. so yeah.. lets get into the post.

My Current Everyday Makeup


I start of my makeup each day with the Barry M Poreless Correcting Primer, honestly i don't think it really does much when it comes to correcting or blurring my pores but it does help my face look moisturised and it helps my makeup stick so I'm trying to use it up. I then apply my current foundation, the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation in 105. This foundation is so damn pale and  i love it. If you don't know, my skin is on par with Caspar the friendly ghosts so this foundation is amazing. I then use the Essence Camouflage Concealer which, honestly, i still haven't decided if i like yet. It's super creamy and it does have good coverage (definitely not full coverage like it says) but it just isn't as light as i would like,they do have a lighter shade online so i may order that to try it out, but for £2.50 it's a pretty decent concealer. 


My everyday face powder has been the Mac Mineralise Studio-Fix Powder  for around 6-7 months, now don't get me wrong i love my Rimmel Stay Matte but this one just makes my skin look so smooth that i can't help but love it. After my powder i add my bronzer, which has recently been the Mini Benefit Hoola Bronzer, this bronzer is incredible. It's the perfect shade, it blends like a dream and i kid you not one mini lasts for so long, I've had this one since Christmas and it hasn't even got a dip in it yet. After bronzer i add my all time favourite blush, the L'Oreal True Match Blush in Peach. This blush is so pigmented it's incredible, it blends like a dream so even with my heavy hand it still looks gorgeous on the skin. Up next is my highlight, i have pretty much been obsessed with the Models Own Sculpt and Glow Powder in Golden Sand since i reviewed it a few months ago (read here). It adds the most gorgeous glow and it blends like a dream instead of just sitting in a giant clump on your cheek.

Sculpt and Set

Of course i can't forget the contour. I've recently been trying out the Primark Contour Kit and honestly, it isn't too bad. It isn't overly pigmented but i prefer my contour powders to be less pigmented or i over do my contour and just end up with a brown line, this one is the perfect cool toned brown and it blends like an absolute dream. I then set my face with the Rimmel #Insta Fix and Go Setting Spray. Honestly, i haven't really found a setting spray that has made me go, well shit that's good. This one by Rimmel is a current favourite because the mist is so fine and it feels amazing on my skin, but honestly, it leaves my skin looking the same as all my other setting sprays have. 


I fill in my brows before i set my face but i didn't think they fit into the picture i took so... here it is... I use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette in Medium/Darki use the lightest shade in the front of my brow and gradually go darker throughout the brow finishing them off with the dark gel on the ends and carving them out with a little concealer, it leaves my brows with the perfect gradient fill and it blends together perfectly. If you've been a reader for awhile you'll know that i can't do anything with my eye makeup without applying my Maybelline Creamy Matte Color Tattoo in Creme De Rose this cream shadow is literally the best eye base I've ever tried. After I've applied it i do set it with my face powder as it just helps blend the shadows a little easier. I then use my Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette (read my review here), pretty much using the same shade, Alchemy, every day in my crease (hence me hitting pan) and then i apply a mix of 182 and Almost Burnt to my lid. I then use my MUA LUXE Precision Liner  to do my winged liner, when i first got this liner i hated it because i had no patience when it came to it drying, but I've learnt to do the wing first then the line along my lashes and it works fine. It's super pigmented and it doesn't budge, even when my eyes water which is literally every damn day. Last but by no means least is lashes. I change my mascara weekly because i just get bored but when I'm writing this post I've been using the Avon Mark Big and Daring Mascara, it's a pretty good mascara but it definitely isn't my favourite. It's a little dry and it can flake, but apart from that it is super good when it comes to length and volume!

I do have days when i wear no makeup  but there's just something about applying my full face of makeup that i love. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post!

Do you wear the same makeup everyday or do you change it up everyday?
Let me know in the comments down below!

As Always,

Thanks for Reading,

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