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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Soap And Glory What A Peeling Mask Review

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We all know that i  have a serious face mask obsession, so when i recently saw that Soap and Glory was going to be releasing face masks i was super excited (literally buzzing with excitement). Out of the whole collection i was the most excited for the What A Peeling peel off mask, however no matter how much i searched i couldn't find it anywhere. Then the other day while i was shopping in Coventry i decided to pop into Boots and see if they had it and by chance they had one left, which pretty much means it was meant to be. So i of course stuck it in my basket and headed for the tills, and that brings us to now. I knew that i had to do a post on this mask, so here i am. This has been a little bit of a long intro so I'm going to skip over all of the bits and bobs and get straight into the post....

What A Peeling Face Mask Review


The packaging of this product is absolutely adorable. The pink and silver just makes it look so fun, which is just what the mask is like. One of my favourite things about the packaging of this product, alongside a lot of Soap and Glory's other product is all of the puns.  First of the name of the mask itself if super cute and then on each of the little posts it says that the mask has a 'pink-a-peel'. I just love the little added touch that Soap and Glory adds to their products.

Product and Cost 

 Now the big thing about this product is the price. This mask costs £4, which i get may seem a little expensive but when you look at it you are getting 2 masks so really they are only £2 each which is a really good deal for a product of this quality. Each mask comes in an individual pot and you do also get the 'free scoop' (which in my opinion is a total waste of plastic) so for me £4 is a good price, especially considering their sheet masks are £3.50 each. Now, the product itself isn't exactly revolutionary but i do love it. It is a super bright (the standard Soap and Glory Pink) coloured 'slime', it looks super cool on the face and it stays the same colour throughout the drying process. You do also get a really good amount of product, even though the pots look quite small they do contain more than enough product as even after i applied quite a thick layer to my skin i still had some left over.  

How It Works

Once you pop the little tub out of the cardboard packaging you're pretty much set to go. You just peel off the silver seal and start applying the mask. Like i said before it does come with a scoop but it is completely useless when applying this product and i instead suggest just using your fingers. I got a pretty thick layer of the mask on my face (i suggest making the edges a little thicker so they're easier to start peeling) and i still had a little extra left over. Now one thing that i do have so say is that this mask definitely takes a while to dry, i think overall mine took around half an hour to dry, which i don't mind because I just sat around watching YouTube videos, but if you are looking for a quick drying mask this isn't the one for you. Once it's dried you pretty much just peel it off and you're done. 

Overall Opinions

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this mask. It definitely cleaned out my pores and it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and tight, however it didn't completely clean out the pores on my nose like a normal pore strip would. For £4 i definitely think that it's worth the price and I'll definitely be repurchasing it again. I do also want to try out some of the new sheet masks that Soap and Glory have released check those out here, so let me know if you would like me to test them out too!

Will you be trying out any of the new Soap and Glory range?
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