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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wedding Gift Guide

Hey Whisperers,

The wedding season is upon us! A few weekends ago i attended my uncles wedding,it was an amazing day and i absolutely loved it, however, one thing i didn't love was the gift giving. Little ol' me had no clue what to buy, how much to spend or what they even needed and it was so frustrating, so when i was contacted by Uncommon Goods about writing a post with them about their products i was so excited. As you can tell from the title i am going to be doing a wedding gift guide today but if you would like to check out other gifts from Uncommon Goods they also have incredible gifts for Bridesmaids , Bridal Showers and also some incredible Personalised Wedding Gifts.

I hadn't heard about Uncommon Goods before but i am now completely obsessed with it. Uncommon Goods is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of incredible products. One of the main things i love about the company is that they aim to sell a wide variety of not only handmade products but also recycled and organic products too, they have also never sold any products that contain any fur or leather as they are committed to not selling products that hurt animals, which personally i think is amazing. Something incredibly unique of Uncommon Goods that i haven't seen in many other online retailers before is the fact that you can donate to a non-profit organisation at the checkout. I haven't seen this being offered by any other online retailers but i think it is something amazing and personally i think all online retailers should offer this service.

Wedding Gift Guide

When i saw these key holders on the website, i fell in love. They're super cute and original, yet they're super practical too. If like me you have 101 keys to keep track of, this is the perfect solution. All you need to do is add the key to your key chain and you're ready to go, I do also love that they aren't super big and bulky as they won't take up too much room, which is perfect if you don't have much space to hang things. 

These love tokens are one of the cutest things i have ever seen. You get 10 in a pack and they each have a 'redeamable token' on them such as Good For One Hug, Good For One Kiss and Good For One Massage. I think these are not only a super cool wedding gift but i think they'd also be super cool for Valentines day too so if you don't have a wedding coming up you can always get them as a gift for your partner instead, I mean whats not to love?

How cool are these shot glasses?! If like me you have alcohol loving friends these are the perfect wedding gift. They're obviously practical because they'll definitely use them but they're also funny too.  I love the fact that each glass is different too, it just adds a little more comedy to the whole gift, which i think is important for wedding gifts as lets be honest most other gifts are 'serious' whereas this one will be memorable and they'll probably keep them forever.

Alike the Love Tokens, I think that this gift is super cute and unique. These Date Night Bucket List comes with 25 different date ideas for the newly wed couple to do, it ranges from things like Star Gazing to Creating A Piece Of Art Together. I think that this gift is especially perfect for busy couples who don't necessarily have the time to arrange dates. Once you're done with the provided dates you can then also create your own ideas and keep them in the tin too!

Out of all the gifts I've mentioned this one is by far my favourite. This pillow is just so unique and personalised to the couple that it's the perfect wedding gift. I love the fact that it shows the whole world, it kinda gives you the 'you're my whole world' kind of vibe which, personally, i think is beautiful and incredibly romantic. 

I hope this post has helped give you some ideas on what to buy your loved ones for their wedding gifts this wedding season! Of course don't forget to check out the amazing Uncommon Goods for more amazing gifts! 

Are you married?
 If so what was your favourite wedding gift you received?
Let me know in the comments down below!

As Always,
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