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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Current Music Obsessions

Hey Whisperers,

I don't know if it's just that a bunch of new music has been released this month but I've just fallen so in love with quite a few new releases. It's been a while since I've done a music post and since I've recently been loving a few new songs i thought I'd share them with you. I hope you enjoy

Current Music Obsessions 

Megan Mckenna - Far Cry From Love

Now say what you want about this girl but damn can she sing. I've loved Megan since she first started on Towie and this song just makes me love her more. Her voice is absolutely incredible and I honestly just can't stop listening to it, we all know i love country music so that obviously made me love this song even more. This song, to me, is just so personal and raw, it shows the true Megan instead of just the firecracker that we all see on Towie. I haven't had the chance to watch the TV series that goes along with these new releases but hopefully when i get time I'll still be able to catch it on the ITV Hub.

Gabby Hanna   - Out Loud

This song, just oh my lord. I didn't even know that Gabby sang but wow i do now. Her voice is just something so different and unique to me and I'm 110% obsessed. Just like Megan's song, this song is just so raw and beautiful that it's pretty much impossible not to fall in love with it (clearly it's racked up 4million views in under a week!). I also watched a video of Gabby singing this live and damnnnn this girl doesn't need any form of auto-tune her live performances have been just incredible as her single. Honestly I'm just obsessed.

Ebony Day - Attention (Girls Response) 

Now this song isn't a recent release but i clicked on it a few days ago and I've had it on repeat since. Ebony Day is seriously one of the most incredible YouTube artists that I've ever watched. Her covers are absolutely incredible and her voice is just so beautiful and raw. Obviously, this cover has been up for a while but i just couldn't help but fall in love with it. I love the original to this song..... but i kinda love this one more.

Cimorelli - The Night We Met Cover

I honestly don't think that I've ever written a music post without mentioning Cimorelli... but i mean come on they're freaking incredible. Personally, I'd never heard this song before i watched this video but i love it. I love how all of the sisters voices work together and how they just add so much emotion to every cover they do. I still haven't heard the original song.....which i probably should do... but i now know every word so hopefully love the original too. (PS.. how incredible is Lisa's Solo)

So those are my current music obsessions. Listening back to them now i realize that they're pretty much all as low and down as heck but lets be honest that's pretty much my music taste. I haven't been through a breakup, because I'm as single as a freaking pringle and I'm not that down so no need to worry. I just love me some good sad music aha!!

What's your current music obsession?
Let me know in the comments below!


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