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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

October Playlist

Hey Whisperers,

If you've been reading mu blog for awhile you'll know that i adore music. I listen to it constantly and it's pretty much one of the biggest focuses in my life. Over the past few weeks I've fallen head over heels in love with some amazing music and while thinking of blog posts to write for this week i sat listening to my current playlist and i thought I'd make this Tuesdays post all about it. I keep saying that I'm going to include music more in my blog as i do pretty much spend any spare moment of my time listening to it so if you have any suggestions on what i can do to incorporate more music into my blog please let me know! But for now lets just get into my October Playlist.

October Playlist

Now i do have this playlist on my Spotify (here) but in this post i thought i would instead embed the videos but feel free to head over to my Spotify to listen to these songs instead.

Not My Ex 
Jessie J

Oh my god this song. I saw this video in my suggested bar on YouTube and i had to click it. I've always been a huge fan of Jessie J's music but there is just something about how raw this video is that made me love her even more. This song is honestly just so down to earth and open. After listening to the song i couldn't help but add it to my playlist. Reading the comments on the video i learnt that she pretty much got ready sat in her room and recorded the video all in one take on her own and i just love it. It's not often that artists show the real them and i think that this video shows Jessie doing just that and i honestly just found it so beautiful.

New Rules
Dua Lipa

This song is just one of them songs at the minute, every ones loving it and covering it on YouTube but nobody can beat the original. I first heard this song through Samantha Harvey's cover on YouTube, which is absolutely incredible, and I've loved it ever since. There's just something about it that just makes you just want to get up,dance and smile.

Too Good At Goodbyes
Sam Smith

If you haven't heard this song yet you've seriously been missing out! Sam Smith is just one of those artists that just know how to hit you right in your heart with every single song they write. I am in constant awe of his voice it's angelic i love it. I've loved Sam Smith's music since i first heard Lay Me Down and every time he releases a new song he just seems to get better and better it's incredible.

Beautiful Trauma

Who doesn't love P!NK like seriously she's incredible. There's something so different about P!NK's voice that i absolutely love. I first heard this song in her live performance on SNL that was in my suggested bar on YouTube and i instantly fell in love, i just love how much fun she had performing it and i don't know i just fell in love. I have also kinda been obsessed with P!NK's VMA performance too but obviously that isn't something i can't add to my playlist, believe me if i could i would.

Reggaeton Lento 
CNTO ft Little Mix

If you know me you know that i love Little Mix and this song is no different, it definitely gives me despacito vibes but personally i think its 10x better (kinda biased but yanoooo). I did stay up till Midnight to see the video and it was 100% it's just so fun and flirty. I did also see them perform it live last weekend and let me tell you their vocals live are even more incredible than they are on their albums. I definitely think that seeing them live made me love the song even more but honestly it's such a fun song anyway that it's pretty hard not to love.

I kinda wish that i had some more Halloween songs on my playlist but honestly i haven't found anything Halloween themed that i like this year! I hope you've enjoyed listening to my October playlist!

Do you have a favourite song at the minute?
If so let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks For Reading,
Love Always,

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