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Monday, 18 December 2017

2017 Beauty Anti-Haul

Hey Whisperers,

I love makeup, like i literally adore it, but over the past year I've seen some products be released and I've just looked at them and thought nah. I've seen some videos on YouTube about beauty products that people aren't going to buy and why, so i thought it would be fun to do a blog post about some of the products that i won't be buying this year! I hope you enjoy!

2017 Beauty Anti-Haul 


Ok, so £270 for a brush set is absolutely ridiculous, and that's before the huge income tax you'll have to pay here in the UK. I have tried, and loved, some of Kylie's lip products but i honestly just can't justify the price of these brushes. Looking at the set, to me, it just looks cheap, the 'brush holder' sleeve thing, looks like something i could pick up for £3 in Primark (no shade to primark btw) and the brushes themselves just don't look the best. For a brush set of this price point and supposed quality, you'd expect way better packaging. I have watched a few reviews of the brushes and i am yet to see a review that's even 80% positive, never mind 100% and when it comes to products of this price point you expect to see nothing more than amazing reviews. Another reason i won't be purchasing the Kylie Brush Set is because of the fact that the brushes are real hair, goats hair. Personally i don't see any reason at all to use animal hair in brushes when synthetic hair does just as great of a job, i think it's cruel, gross and 100% unnecessary. 


This palette, looks stunning. The colours are amazing, the shimmers look insane and the whole palette just looks beautiful, but i just can't when it comes to the price. I know that Huda Beauty is a Luxury brand and believe me i get it, the reviews are amazing, the swatches look absolutely stunning, but i just couldn't spend £25 on 9 eye shadows, especially not when i can go to boots and get the NYX Warm Neutrals Palette which has almost double the amount of shadows, with close dupes, for £16. I think palettes like these are the kinds of palettes you buy if you do makeup as a job, or if you are a seriously dedicated makeup collector, me personally, i just couldn't spend the £25 on them. 


This palette, to me, looks like the kind of thing i used to buy in Claire's Accessories when i was little. It's all a bit too boring. Essentially, you're paying for Gigi's name for the entire collection, which i honestly don't understand. In the palette you get 2 concealers (which clearly, doesn't cover the majority of skin tones), 6 shadows, which are all pretty much your bog standard shades, a blush, bronzer, highlighter and a mascara. My main issue with this palette is that it's honestly just pretty boring, i look at it and i just don't think wow i could create this look and that look, I just look at it and think meh. The price of this palette is of course another thing i don't like, Maybelline to me, is a more affordable brand and this palette is the opposite. You can literally get a 12 shade palette from them for £11.99 , but because this palette has Gigi's name on it, it's almost triple the price, honestly i think it's just a bit of a joke (kinda like the brushes included). I understand that, some, collaborations have  higher prices, but this one is just that extra bit ridiculous, which kinda explains why it only has a 1 star rating on Boots.com


Unlike the rest of the products on this list so far, it isn't the price of this product that puts me off buying it. When i first saw the KKW Ultralight Beams i was intrigued, they looked gorgeous, they had some stunning colours and overall they looked pretty good, then i saw a Tati's review. Ok, so i know i shouldn't let other people's reviews change my opinion, but if there is one YouTuber i trust with reviews, it's Tati. In Tati's video (here) she tried on the lip toppers, which i loved the look of, and honestly, they all look the same, which i guess isn't a problem if you just want one shade but i was looking at 2 or 3. Apart from Tati's review, the actual product itself kind of put me off. Personally i wanted to just get the lip topper, but you can only buy the lip topper with a corresponding highlighting powder, which although looks gorgeous, i probably wouldn't use. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, i don't love loose products, they're messy and irritating and honestly, you loose half the product just by opening the lid, so the loose highlighter just wasn't something that i wanted, so the fact that you have to buy one with the lip topper, to me is just a waste. 


If you haven't seen this product making it's rounds this year i have no clue where you've been. The Rose Gold Elixir is probably one of the most popular products used on Instagram and because it was so popular i definitely didn't think it was going to be this pricey. For £50 you get 30ml of product, which is a bit ridiculous. I understand that the product has actual gold flakes in it and i know that people have said that it does wonders for their skin but £50..really? My issue with the price of this product is that you can get the, The Ordinary 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil for £9 with the exact same amount of product in. The  Farsáli one does have extra oils added such as lemongrass and pumpkin oil and obviously it has the gold flakes, but personally I'd rather buy the The Ordinary one for less than 1/5 of the price.

I don't usually share 'negative' posts on my blog but i thought this one was quite a fun post to write. I would like to say that i am of course not bashing any of the brands or their products, for all i know they're all incredible products, i just personally won't be buying any of them. 

Do you have anything on your Anti-Haul List?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Happy Blogmas Day 18

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