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Friday, 22 December 2017

5 Christmas Pins I Want To Try Next Year

Hey Whisperers,

I'm pretty much obsessed with Pintrest, I could spend all day just pinning things to different boards it's just so satisfying, so today i thought that I'd share a few of my favourite Christmas pins that i want to try out next year. I was going to say this year but lets be honest, there's 3 days left till Christmas and I'm lucky if i have the energy to walk up to bed after work never mind baking or crafting....so lets leave these for next year!

5 Christmas Pins I Want To Try Next Year

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I've had these brownies pinned for quite a while and when i saw Erinn's blog post on them (read her post here) a few days ago, i wanted to make them even more. Brownies are some of my favourite desserts so i know that I'd love the taste of them. The whole process also seems pretty simple which is also a huge plus because come on how can i really fuck up a pin that has like 6 steps?

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Tree Card

I've always wanted to make my own Christmas cards but i mess up pretty much every crafty thing that i do. When i came across this pin i fell in love, i love the tree's, the little quote and i love,love,love the brown card. It looks like it would be super simple to re-create too which is great. I'm definitely going to be spending a lot of time in Hobby Craft next Christmas.

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Santa Hat Cupcakes

I adore baking it's one of my favourite hobbies and cupcakes are one of my all time favourite things to bake so these Santa Hat Cupcakes where a must for today's post. These cupcakes look super simple to make (which is  a must for me) but they also look super cute when they're finished! I'm definitely going to be making these next year....and maybe making a blogmas post about them too?

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Frosted Mason Jars

I love the look of these jars! This time next year my room will be re-decorated and these jars are going to match the theme perfectly. I love how simple they are to make (i say that now) and how you can personalise them so easily. Mason jars are also quite cheap to get so hopefully it won't cost too much to make either.

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Hot Chocolate On A Stick

I've seen these in stores for ages, and i guess it would be easier to just buy them, but i want to make them. They seem so simple to make and i think that making them will just add that extra personal touch. Just like the mason jars you can customise these so easily to match your favourite flavours, which i love. You do have to mix them with milk, which some people may hate, so if you're looking into doing these too, just know they do only work well with milk.

Christmas is almost over and I'm already planning for next year, whats new! I hope you've enjoyed today's post! If you want to follow me on Pinterest click here, i share my blog posts and i also have a few boards that i keep pretty well updated too!

Happy Blogmas Day 22

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  1. Ahh the Santa cupcakes are SO cute! These are all such wonderful ideas and definitely ones I'd love to try too! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Soph! Kate xx