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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Decor Wishlist

Hey Whisperers,

Last month i did a winter decor wishlist and i absolutely loved writing it so I'm back again today with my Christmas decor wishlist. I feel like Christmas decor gets better and better every year. I also love that a lot more 'budget' stores like Primark and Wilko's are bringing out more decor because honestly, they've got some of the most beautiful decorations. I'm in love with so much Christmas Decor this year so lets get into the post so i can share it all with you!

Christmas Decor Wishlist

Rose Gold Stag
Available Here From Wilkos

I fell in love with this Rose Gold Stag the minute that i saw it on the Wilkos website, it's absolutely gorgeous. I love gold and white colours at Christmas so this is pretty much perfect to me. It is quite large and according to reviews on the Wilkos website, it's gorgeous in person too. It's also a super reasonable price which i love as I've seen products exactly like this in stores before and they've been £30-£40 which is just ridiculous. Honestly, it's so beautiful I'm trying to decide if there's a way i could buy it and keep it on display all year long. 

Star Ornaments
Take A Close Look Here On Primarks Website

I mean come on do i really need to explain this one? Look how cute these rose gold, white, black and copper stars are and for £2 they're an absolute bargain. Like I said before i love white and gold Christmas decorations and these, just like the stag, are exactly that. I love how affordable these are too 9 decorations for £2, that's just over 20p each, which is amazing. I've also seen these in store and they do also seem pretty good quality too, so I'm definitely going to try to pick them up next time i see them.

Christmas Photo Booth Props
Available Here From New Look

I'm not sure if these technically come under 'decorations' but i thought I'd add them in anyway. These photo booth props are going to make any Christmas get together 10x more festive. I mean come on is there anything better than a festive selfie?! I know the younger kids in my family love stuff like this so hopefully i can find these in store before Christmas eve because these will keep them happy all night long, well that and a full battery on my phone, i definitely need to invest in a portable charger before Christmas Eve.

All Is Calm All Is Bright Cushion Cover
Available Here From H&M 

Back again with the Gold and White. At Christmas i like every room in my house to have a little (a lot) of Christmas in it and that includes my bedroom. I have so many Cushions for my bed and this one looks perfect for the festive season. I want to get some light grey and white Christmas bedding and i think that a few cushions like this will add a little extra Christmas sparkle to my room. Plus, it's just super cute. 

Wooden LED White Christmas Tree
Available Here From ASDA 

I don't know what it is with me and LED Christmas tree's, i think it has to do with the fact that my rooms too small for a full size tree, but i absolutely love them. This one from ASDA, fits my plain and simple theme and I'm in love with it. This is another decoration that I've seen in other stores for around £40-50 and I've never understood how they can cost so much when they're so simple so I'm glad that i found this one!

I'm pretty sure i could add another 10 things to this list but i don't want to make it too long so I'm going to end my list here. There's something about decorating my house for Christmas that makes me so cosy and happy so i can't wait till i can get my hands on some of these decorations!

What was your favourite decoration from my list?
Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Blogmas Day 5

Thanks for Reading,

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