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Friday, 8 December 2017

Cosy Night In Essentials

Hey Whisperers,

I love winter, i absolutely love it. I love the cold days and even colder nights, the over sized jumpers and boots but something i love more than anything else is the cosy nights in. So today i thought that i would talk you through some of my cosy night in essentials for my perfect night in, i hope you enjoy!

My Cosy Night In Essentials 


Is it even a cosy night in if you don't pamper yourself a little? I always start off the night with a hot lush bath and music. During this time of year I'm of course reaching for my Shoot For The Stars bath bomb,I'm not a fan of Snow Fairy, sorry not sorry, and i sometimes add some bubbles with a bubble bar too. I always spend forever in the bath just relaxing, so my cosy nights in aren't complete without one.

Jumper Time

Now that we're done in the bath it's time to change into come cosy clothes. I love wearing an over sized jumper and leggings on a cosy night in, i don't know why but they just feel so much more snugly than pyjamas. I usually get my over sized jumpers from Primark because they stock some of the most comfy and snugly jumpers that don't break the bank so if you're looking for a good jumper check out Primark cause, they're fab (#notspon, i wish aha) 

Cups Of Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats a giant mug of hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows on a cold winter night, no cosy night in is complete without one. There's just something about hot chocolate that makes any situation 10x more cosy so, of course this is a must for a cosy night in. If you aren't a fan of Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte's are also a great alternative they've got the perfect amount of spice in them that just makes you feel so warm and cosy (link to my go to brand here)


The difference between a room with nothing and a room with a few lit candle is insane, something about them just makes any space feel so cosy and warm. I love lighting a few tea light candles around my room and then lighting one big scented candle (preferably a Christmas scented one) that way i get the cosy vibes without too many strong scents mixing together.

Face Mask

Candles lit, hot chocolate at the ready, it's time for a face mask. I love doing face masks on cosy nights in they just make you feel so much better. I tend to pop on sheet masks instead of the traditional gel/clay masks because then i can just pop it on get cosy and not have to get up and deal with all the hassle of washing it off, my skin is also super dry at the minute so sheet masks are a must!


A cosy night isn't complete without a bit of Netflix, now i don't know about you but i just don't like watching films, so my cosy night isn't complete without some serious TV show binge watching. Right now I'm binge watching Shadow Hunters The Mortal Instruments, but if you're an avid film watcher feel free to watch whatever film you like!

Obviously, ridiculous amounts of blankets, chocolate and snacks are also a must for a cosy night in but that's just a given! 

I hope you've enjoyed today's blogmas post! There's nothing like a cosy night in during the winter season!

What are your Cosy Night In Essentials?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Happy Blogmas Day 8

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  1. Oh yess! I love this post and I love cozy nights in, it’s sad how excited they make me! �� face masks and candles are definitely a must! ��

    1. Thank you! I 100% agree, a cosy night in isn't complete without a facemask and candles aha!