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Friday, 15 December 2017

My Top 5 Must Read Blogs - Blogmas Edition

Hey Whisperers,

I'll be completely honest, Blogmas is kicking my butt. I thought that i was so prepared this year, starting off the month with 11 posts, written, edited, scheduled and ready to go, but now I'm sat here on day 13 and i have nothing scheduled. I think blogmas is one of those things were you're either all in or half assing it and I'm not about to half ass it, i am determined to finish these 25 day's of daily blogging, no matter what. Anyway, in today's post i thought that i would share 5 bloggers that I'm loving right now, because even though i have been all over the place these past 2 weeks i have still had time to read my fair share of Blogmas posts and i've fallen in love with quite a few new blogs! So before this intro ends up being longer than most of my posts, lets get into it!

My Top 5 Must Read Blogs
~Blogmas Edition~

If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you'll know that i absolutely love Rachel's blog, so getting a new post to read daily has been amazing. Something i love most about Rachel's blogmas posts is that they are all so different, she has posts about Makeup, Books, YouTube and even one about her family dog (who is so freaking adorable btw). I think, when it comes to blogmas it's so easy to fall into the 'everything need to be Christmas themed' posts (which although i love, do get a bit much) and i love that Rachel hasn't done that, she's just carried on with her regular posts. Her blog definitely has an amazing variety of posts so it's definitely one of my go to blogs this December.

ZombieGoddess Beauty

Everytime I've wanted to read a festive post I've gone straight to Cassie's blog. Over the past two weeks I've spent so much time on Cassie's blog reading through all her blogmas posts and also some of her past posts too. I've been following Cassie for awhile so i have no clue how i haven't read more of her blog until now. My favourite posts that she's posted so far have been her Christmas Rants post (if you're reading this Cassie, i pretty much agree with every single point on your list) and her Tales From A Christmas Past post. I'm pretty much obsessed with Cassie's blog and i wish i had taken the time to read it sooner because she has some amazing posts!


Alike Cassie, Danie is another blogger that I've been following for awhile. I'd read a few of Danie's posts before Blogmas started but over the past few weeks I've found myself reading her blog daily. I am pretty much obsessed with her blogs theme and I'm also obsessed with her header. When i look at Danie's blog i pretty much go 'that's the kind of blog i want', not in the i want to copy her format kind of way but just a i want my blog to look as professional, sleek and gorgeous as hers and of course i want my posts to be as amazing as hers too. One of my favourite blogmas posts from Danie's blog is her Festive Lip Colours, the post is amazing and the photography is just gorgeous. If you're looking for a binge worthy blog Danie's is definitely one to check out.

Debra Bow

I've loved Debra's blog for awhile now so when i saw her start posting her blogmas posts i was super excited. Debra's blog, to me, is just flawless. She has incredible content and her posts are always amazing, and of course her blogmas posts are equally amazing too. I loved reading about her Christmas Party plans and her Swatch Perfect post has literally been my favourite blogmas post so far, it's seriously going to help me sort out my swatches so much. Debra's blog is another one of those blogs that i could just read over and over because her posts are just amazing so i definitely recommend checking out her blog (it also currently has falling snowflakes too which i'm obsessed with, so if you weren't already sold on her blog, you should be now)

Charlene McElhinney

I will admit, when Charlene posted a poll the other day on twitter asking if her followers had been reading her Blogmas posts, i was one of the 55% that said no, but boy has that changed in the past 3 days. I tweeted Charlene back after she tweeted about wondering if the pressure of doing blogmas was even worth it, because honestly, I've been feeling the same way and since then I've read all of her blogmas posts and quite a few of her previous posts too. Charlene's post on Christmas Shoppers was definitely one of my favourites, working in retail I've seen pretty much all of the shoppers she mentioned, and I'm pretty sure I've been them too and it was quite fun to read it from someone else's point of view.  I also loved her Bah Humbug post, it just has so many points that i agree with and it's kind of refreshing to read a post that doesn't just go on about how fabulous Christmas is and how it's the best time of year. I'm definitely a new reader of Charlene's blog but I'm definitely a big fan.

And those are my current favourite blogs. I've discovered so many blogs over the past few weeks and i love that blogmas is the reason. Hopefully I'll find even more before it's over. I hope this blog has helped you find some more blogmas blogs to read this month because lets be honest they're all pretty amazing!

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Happy Blogmas Day 15

Thanks for Reading,

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  1. Thank you so so so much for featuring me in this post chick! I'm so glad you're a new reader of my blog ❤️ I will need to binge read all of your posts and get caught up with your blogmas posts! Thanks again hunni - what an honour! X

    1. I've loved reading your blogmas posts and i can't wait to keep reading after Blogmas is over! You were one of the first people that i thought of when it came to writing the post! So glad you enjoyed it