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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Testing Wish Makeup #2

Hey Whisperers,

So  i pretty much have an obsession with the Wish.com website, i just don't understand how everything is so cheap to buy. A few months ago i did a post on some wish makeup and ever since, I've wanted to order more...so i did and so today I'm going to talk through the products i got with you. I hope you enjoy the second installment of me testing Wish Makeup! 

Testing Wish Makeup #2

 Black Waterproof Curling and Thickening Mascara 

The first thing i purchased was this mascara. Honestly, i didn't even get it because i wanted to try it, i just loved the look of it. This mascara came wrapped in about 6 layers of paper, which took me forever to get off, but i did appreciate that the seller didn't want it to get broken. Now, i absolutely love the packaging but i absolutely hate the product. It goes on fine, and don't get me wrong, it makes my lashes look pretty good but oh my god does this stick your lashes together. I don't know what's in it but i was too worried about my eyes sticking together that i just took it off. I did let it dry for a good few minutes and it was still sticky so i definitely don't recommend trying this one out.

Niceface Lip Kit in 01

 I was super excited to try out this lip kit, I've ordered a few lip products since my last wish post and I've fallen in love with quite a few of them but this one isn't one of my favourites. Online, it looks like a mid toned brown but this one is more of a strange light caramel brown kind of colour. Another thing i didn't love was the lip liner, i know that having a darker liner can help when it comes to enhancing the lips, but this one is about 3-4 shades darker than the actual lipstick and even with the lipstick on top it still shows through quite a bit. The lipstick does dry down to a fully matte lip, but it is quite sticky on the lips so if you are going to purchase it i would definitely add a little powder on top to stop it sticking. Overall i think in a different shade it wouldn't be too bad, but it's definitely not something I'm going to be reaching for.

Focallure Loose Powder Shimmer Pigment in Rose Gold

This loose pigment is definitely my favourite product i brought for this post. I've been looking for some more loose pigments since i found one at my local supermarket for super cheap (insta post here) and when i saw this one on wish i knew i had to get it. When i first swatched it i wasn't too impressed but when you put it on the lid it looks absolutely incredible, it's super shiny and metallic and it just looks gorgeous. It's definitely on the darker side of rose gold but it does look stunning on the lid. Like most loose pigments i apply it with a little setting spray on my brush and it goes on like a dream. I'm definitely going to be ordering some more of these because for £1 they're incredible.

Focallure Highlighter in Spoon

When i was ordering these products i was in a bit of a rush so i didn't see that this product was just a highlighter pan, so when it came i was a bit miffed but it was my fault for not checking. Apart from that it looked OK, when i ordered it i went for the shade that looked like it had a bit of both pink and gold in it, but this highlighter is straight up gold. If you've been a reader for awhile you'll know that I'm as pale as a piece of paper so this highlighter doesn't work on my skin tone at all. I have however used it as a eye shadow and it looks quite pretty, but obviously, i ordered it to use as a highlighter so i was a little annoyed about it but for £1 what can i really say. It's not the worst product but it's not the best either. It has a pretty good colour payoff when you swatch it but it does sheer out a tonne when you blend it so if you do want to purchase it, just know that it is super natural and sheer.


Overall, i think this round of Wish products was kind of a flop which i hate. I've tried a few products from the website since my last post and they haven't been too bad so i definitely think it's a chance of luck if you get a good product or not. One thing i will say is pay attention to the reviews, a lot of the top reviews will be 5* reviews but if you do some scrolling you will see some more honest reviews. I am in love with the loose pigment and i will definitely be ordering more but unfortunately, i haven't found anymore hidden gems this time. 

Happy Blogmas Day 9

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