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Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Magic By Juvia's Palette Review

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For the first time in a few years, i actually had some self control on Black Friday...well i did until i saw the sale going on over at Beauty Bay. Then all my self control disappeared and i ordered The Magic By Juvia's Palette. I was going to post this a few weeks ago when the palette arrived but i thought I'd save it for a Blogmas post (because lets be honest i was struggling with ideas) so i hope you enjoy the review! 

 The Magic By Juvia's Review


This palette is huge, like literally huge. When i ordered it i was expecting it to be larger than other palettes, as i did look up some swatches and tutorials too see if I'd like the colours, but it's way bigger than i thought. The palette itself is a gorgeous peachy orange colour with a beautiful illustration on the front (which is also on the inside as you can see in the picture above). This palette is inspired by the Sun and Moon and the illustration portrays that perfectly. When this palette was delivered i didn't know what it was as it came perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap, after taking off the bubble wrap i saw the cardboard packing (which has the same design as the actual palette) and i was super excited. Inside the box the palette was also covered by a bubble wrap sleeve, which i love. When it comes to pressed pigment palettes like this it is so easy for it to get knocked about and broken in transit, so these extra steps make a huge difference. The palette itself is a super sturdy cardboard palette with a magnetic edge to open and close the palette which i love. 

Product And Cost 

I'd seen these palettes all over Nikkietutorials channel but i was skeptical about the quality. It's well known that some YouTubers lie about the products they promote, but Nikkie was definitely telling the truth about this one. The shadows are super soft, super pigmented, blendable and they're probably the best shadows I've ever used. I was a little cautious about some of the shades as i am pretty much the most basic bitch out there when it comes to eye looks, but i am so in love with all of them, that i think this palette might be the one to shove me out of my warm smokey eye comfort zone. In the palette you get 16 different shades, 9 shimmer shades and 7 mattes. I have used a few of the matte shades and i love them but the shimmer shades in this palette are definitely the main show. These shimmer shades are THE BEST shimmers i have ever used. They're super metallic and they look incredible on the eye. It does say on the back of the box that you can use the shadows wet or dry but i don't think they need wetting at all as they're super pigmented as is. 

Now for the cost, as i did previously say i did get this palette in the Black Friday offers, so i did only pay £18 for it. Originally the palette retails on BeautyBay for £30, which i know is a lot for a palette, but it is 100% worth it. I know some of you are probably just like me and you look at the bright shades and think nope, but they do also have a warm toned palette (here) which you can try. I am hoping that they do another deal on the BeautyBay website on boxing day as i do want to order a few of the other palettes, but if not i will definitely be ordering them full price at some point because they're incredible.


Top to Bottom 


Top to Bottom


Overall Thoughts

I think by the rest of this post you can probably tell that I'm head over heels in love with this palette. The packaging is great, the shades are amazing and i mean come on just look at those swatches they're gorgeous. I definitely think that Juvia's Place is a brand that I'm going to be purchasing a lot more from now that I've tried out this palette. I definitely know that they have a warm toned palette that i need to get my hands on because it's literally my heart in a palette! Keep your eyes out on my social media's because I'm definitely going to be creating some looks with those bright greens and blues! 

What's your favourite shade in the palette?
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  1. OMG! I've been wanting to try out the Juviasplace palettes for a while now and your review has convinced me even more that I need these in my life! I am living for these swatches! Great review!<3

    1. I was the same and i'm so glad i brought it, it's one of the best palettes i've ever used! So glad you enjoyed the post!!